Lot 48: love story

love story

taran and i are convinced we have the greatest love of anyone in the history of love. so..... here goes.

it was february 2012 and my friend asked me to go to institute (religious class in college) with her.  she had already picked the class and i tagged along.  i can't tell you the name of the teacher or what class it was, all i remember is sitting next to taran everyday and having to shush him because we were talking so much during class.  i also remember getting excited on thursday nights because i knew i was going to see him that day.

one day, my friend and i were talking about going to a hockey game. since taran was sitting next to me and i had told my friend repeatedly that that boy was fiiiiine i turned to taran and said "do you like hockey?" he said yes and i said "okay lets go then."  apparently, im very forward.  stacey ended up not going and so i wasn't sure if it was a date or not, but nonetheless, he picked me up from my house and brought me candy and a blanket because he didn't want me to be cold in the arena.  i thought that was dang sweet.  he called me a few days later to ask me out again, and this time we went target shooting.  our targets looked the same with mine a bit better, i like to think i did the best because my gun didn't have a scope and his did ;) on that date he packed us lunches too. this man is sweet, right?

he called me a few days later to ask me out again but the problem was, i was going on dates with taran and another guy. so when taran asked me out a third time, i said i couldn't because i was really dating the other guy by that point. kissing was involved with the other guy so i felt like i should only see him.  i stopped dating that other guy about a month after that but taran never asked me out again. by this point, our relationship had morphed into just friends. we went to a party with my friend and a baseball game with my friend, so it was mostly just the three of us hangin' out throughout that semester.  institute class ended and i didn't hear from him for eight months.  

So now it is February 2013 and i realized i hadn't been on a date in a while. i had just ended a very, very bad year and was ready to get back in the saddle again.  i was thinking of fun boys i knew that i could go on a date with. taran immediately popped into my head. hmmmmmm, yeah he was cool.  so i texted him and asked him to go to, ironically, a hockey game.  he was busy the day of the hockey game but asked if i wanted to go to dinner. we were both really busy and so it was a few weeks before we finally went out. he picked me up and man oh man, he was as handsome as i remembered!  it was february 13, 2013. i was surprised by how easy it still was to be around him and how i felt we just fit.  there are few people i feel as comfortable around as i do him. two days later, i went to l.a. for a visit and he called me when i got back.  we went out again a week later and in his mind "became official" because we kissed. which btw, he didn't tell me i was his girlfriend so the next week when a few guys asked me out (when it rains it pours, right?) i said yes. but then i felt weird about it and asked taran what the deal-io was and he just said plainly "yeah, im your boyfriend".  okay, didn't know that. alright then.

we knew we wanted to get married after 3 months.  i wanted to get engaged, but he didn't want to until we had been dating for 6 months.  so he gave me a promise ring. it was beautiful and lovely and when he put it on my finger, he looked at me and said "i promise i will replace this with an engagement ring."

5 months later, we were engaged.

God has a plan for all of us.  it amazes me how much the Lord guided us in our path to find each other.  we have been through a lot together, and have faced some of hardest trials of our lives together, but, here we are. he knows me better than anyone and that feeling i felt on our first date that we just fit has not gone away in the slightest.  i honestly can't believe how lucky i am and baffled at how i snagged this amazing man.  i will forever be indebted to my Lord for sending this man my way.  he is one of the greatest gifts i have ever received.

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  1. Aww, what a sweet story! You two are adorable!

  2. (So naturally, after reading your proposal story I had to go back and read your love story.) This is just the best. I love how God continued to push you two together, in His timing. Sometimes people will say, "If I hadn't have done this, we would have never met!" ... I don't know if I believe that completely. I think even when life happens, God still leads us to the one we're meant to be with :) I love that He led you both back to each other!


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