Lot 48: tbb sept - how do you cozy

September 7, 2018

tbb sept - how do you cozy

i love answering the blended blog's questions!
  1. slippers? i do have slippers for when i'm at my desk writing or working.
  2. what is your favorite blanket? there is this target blanket that is quilted and my favorite color of pink this color of pink!
  3. thin or thick pillow? thick!
  4. favorite warm beverage? hot cocoa.
  5. robe? i do like robes but i rarely wear them.
  6. favorite comfort snack food?  popcorn!
  7. movies or tv series binge? currently i'm binging monk! its so well done but the best series to binge hands down of all time is of course gilmore girls.
  8. actual pjs or leggings?  pjs! 
  9. do you cozy up on a couch or a chair?  i like to cozy up in a chair.  we tried to get a cozy armchair last weekend but instead i got a big desk now that i work for myself (i love saying that!) and it was one or the other and i chose desk.  but we will get an armchair soon!
  10. hoodie, t-shirt or sweater? t-shirt! i like i bigger t-shirt, preferably one of my husbands.

1 comment:

  1. I wear slippers with socks in winter as around the house I do not wear shoes and only slip the slippers on when I leave the house. I h ave a dressing gown/robe that I rarely wear and again in only winter


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