Lot 48: Labor Day // what jobs have you had?

September 3, 2018

Labor Day // what jobs have you had?

in lauren grahams book, talking as fast as i can, she tells of a party she went to on labor day at an tv executive’s home.

at the party, he had everyone write down jobs they’d had in the past and put them in a bowl. he read them out loud and with guests who were actors and writers and creatives, some of the jobs were reallh crazy.

lauren once was a dancing chicken in a costume. she was a waitress. she had sooo many different jobs while she worked tirelessly trying to “make it.” my favorite thing she said about this was that she wasn’t afraid to hustle. she wasn’t too proud to get in a chicken’s costume and dance for people.
iv’e had some weird jobs too, especially now that i live in LA and trying to break into the industry and live by temping at all kinds of places.

i’ve worked at a christian radio station, an unaccedited university conglomerate where i got to “perform sugery” with VR, been a receptionist at a real estate company that have multi-million dollar houses in beautiful destinations like italy, and been on a practice jury where i was paid to be on a pretend jury for a case at a law firm.

additionally, i’ve been a 911 dispatcher and also worked at the company that writes the codes for dispatchers, and sold hand made items from africa from a booth at costco. i also have been an audience wrangler for the show marlon for one day and filmed a business solutions class for small business owners every week for a month. i am sure there are more weird jobs i’ve had that i can’t think of.

working is often highly boring, and we rarely get to do what we actually want to do. some of the work we do is pointless and we watch the clock, waiting for the day to be over so we can be free to play and do whatever we want.

so cheers to labor day! where we are free of labor.  the one day of the year where all our labor throughout the year is celebrated.

what kind of crazy jobs have you had?

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  1. I have only had two or three jobs, wife, mum & nanna so no crazy jobs for me


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