Lot 48: grateful // day 4

September 6, 2018

grateful // day 4

  1. calls from mom
  2. scrolling through instagram (even though its really a waste of time i do enjoy that waste of time!)
  3. a big ol' glass of ice cold diet coke
  4. video chats with my babies
  5. reading blogs in bed next to my husband
  6. reading in the park
  7. a notification there's a new blog post from your favorite blogger
  8. the first crisp wind of fall
  9. seeing a new movie in the theaters you've been waiting months to see (peppermint anyone?)
  10. publishing a really good graphic design you're proud of and have worked really hard on.
i know it seems like this whole "grateful" thing has turned into little things that make life good and sweet and happy as opposed to little things i'm grateful for like food and water and such but that's okay. i'm grateful for all these little things that make life sweet. 

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