Lot 48: grateful // day 9

September 18, 2018

grateful // day 9

  1. grateful that amy sherman-palladino won best writing for a comedy series. this means so much to me as she is the reason why i became a writer.
  2. heating pads
  3. when you see a really good movie in the theater that you've been looking forward to for months (looking at you, a simple favor)
  4. long phone convos with my sisters
  5. meeting blog friends in real life
  6. finishing my first website for my business
  7. pumpkin cake
  8. the smell of a freshly washed baby
  9. the los angeles county carnival is happening
  10. that i am getting better at things i hope to make my living on


  1. Long phone convos with my sister make my whole week :)

  2. I like long phone calls with my sisters as well and seeing my sister each afternoon at the school


Hearing from you makes my day!!

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