Lot 48: grateful // day 10

September 20, 2018

grateful // day 10

  1. the excitement of a new book
  2. the show monk which i just finished and boy did i ball like a baby when it was over
  3. birthdays
  4. fall sweaters
  5. fall boots
  6. leaves changing colors and falling to the ground. its magic
  7. snuggles with babies
  8. when you get hooked on a new show
  9. that i am not near hurricane florence
  10. this little challenge of writing 10 things i'm grateful for for 10 days.
i am glad i did this little challenge although the days were not consecutive, i'm still glad i did it.  there is so much to be grateful for.  i am so blessed. 

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  1. Great things, I am grateful that I have such great blog friends and that I don't have to walk in the rain unless I chose to do so. Yes it is cold and wet here today


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