Lot 48: 10 things i'm grateful for // day 1

September 1, 2018

10 things i'm grateful for // day 1

years ago, i used to write 3 things i was grateful for each day. i was in a not so happy place and it really helped.  recently chelsea started writing down 10 things to be grateful for each day and i decided to join her! i even made a little button! haha 

when was the last time you saw a button to share?  this isn't a linkup or anything. but i do hope some of you will grab the button and tweet me if you use it.  its always a good idea to write down things you are grateful for!

so here we go. day one.

  1. my bed. oh how i love my soft, cozy, comfy bed. you know when you wake up in the morning and you feel oh so thankful for your cozy bed and you just don't want to leave it? and when you got to work you're like "i'll miss youuuuuuuu!!! hahaha. 
  2. that i live in my dream city.  i still can't believe that i get to finally live in los angeles. it took me so long to move back after i lived here in 2011 for my internship. i am so in love with this city and i am still in awe i get to live here.
  3. my husband who can provide for me.  don't get me wrong, i am a woman who wants to make her own money and contribute financially to the household and work throughout my life and have a career, but it makes me feel so safe that taran has a good job and has such a marketable set of skills and can provide for us.  not everybody is that lucky.  i'm really, really thankful for hard he works at his job and also at his business.  
  4. my car.  there is such a freedom to having a car and being able to drive yourself to work and to errands and wherever else you might want to go.  i'm very blessed i have that.
  5. summer is over.  i am not a fan of summer.  its too hot and i just have never liked it.  fall is my favorite season and then winter.  and its september now so fall here you come!
  6. supportive parents.  i'm doing a pretty crazy thing.  i packed up my life and husband and moved us here so i could be a screenwriter.  and it is HARD.  i'ts pretty crazy but they fully support my crazy dreams anyway.  cheers to crazy dreams!
  7. cozy blankets.
  8. dreams.  and i mean dreams while i'm asleep.  i have the most vivid, crazy dreams that often make me smile when i wake up.
  9. a good shower.
  10. fall scented candles!
what are you thankful for?  this is going to be quite the job, doing this everyday! but i am up to the task! 

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