Lot 48: things i've learned as i've gotten older

August 29, 2018

things i've learned as i've gotten older

when i was younger, in jobs, in relationships, in school, etc, i took a lot of s***.  i allowed myself to be treated badly.  i allowed myself to think i was stupid when i wasn't.  now that i'm older and wiser, i've realized several things that i am glad to know now, but i don't think i should have known when i was younger.  i think knowing what i knew when i was young was just what i needed to know.  i needed to go through and be who i was when i was younger.  but i'm not 22 anymore.

i'm 28.  i'm pushing 30 and that freaks me out.  but being 28, it has made me feel that i don't want to spend any time doing what won't further my career, and i especially don't want to work for jerks, and i don't want to work for a job that is demeaning.  when i was young, i would put up with it because i thought i had to, and i didn't want to act immature and quit something just because people were mean.  i'm glad i didn't, i am glad i stuck things out.  because now, i have proven that i can stick it out but i don't have to.  

i don't have to allow myself to be treated badly.  i don't have to allow myself to be demeaned by others and talked down to.  i don't have to apologize for things that aren't my fault.  i used to do that all the time, just to please people.  but you can stand your ground.  you can stand up for yourself.  you can say "i don't understand what you're saying and it isn't my fault i don't understand. you're the one who is being confusing." or "you haven't given me adequate time to prepare for this." 

i used to think everything was my fault but it wasn't and its not.  i'm too old to bow down to everyone and take crap from everyone.  and so are you.  you don't have to take it.  there are other jobs.  there are other ways to make money.  there are other people that you can hang out with.  there are other opportunities.  

a professor told me that once in college and i thought to myself "you clearly don't live in the real world. it is not that simple." but sometimes, it is.  sometimes it is just that simple.  you don't have to allow yourself to be treated that way.  you can leave.  you can try to communicate and if they don't respond, you leave.  i moved here to be a screenwriter.  i have a college degree.  i have 4+ years of marketing experience.  i am extremely smart.  its time i take ownership of my abilities and what i am worth and my value and demand i be treated as such. 

i'm not talking about being an elitist or being stuck up, nobody likes that.  but know your worth.  know your skills.  know what your long term goals and if "taking it" will do you good and help you in the long run, then take it.  if it is doing nothing more than paying the bills, don't.  you don't want to be 30 working for barely any money being treated badly with your career going nowhere. 


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  1. As we get older we become wiser generally speaking although I know of some people who seem to get stupider as the get older


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