Lot 48: tbb questions - parties

August 20, 2018

tbb questions - parties

suuuper late to the game but i love answering the blended blog's monthly questions

1. favorite birthday party as a kid? i don’t really remember my parties as a kid. but my boyfriend dumped me on my 20th birthday. we were soing long distance i had totaled my car i had nowhere to live nowhere to get around to work that summer so i had to move home for the summer between school semesters. he was supposed to come visit me but he chicken out on that too. worst birthday ever. 

2. do you like to entertain? oh yes i love to entertain! i love to throw dinner parties at my apartment. its one of my favorite things to do. my poor husband hates it because of all the work that goes into it. i’ve hosted galentine’s day, a birthday lunch and a Christmas dinner. 

3. what kind of parties are your favorite? dinner parties. other parties are great for networking but big parties are so loud you can barely hear yourself talk let alone the other person talk.
4. big or small parties? small!

5. favorite thing to do at parties? play a game! usually cards against humanity but i have the office game that is so fun and i crush everyone everytime. 

6. party food favorites? dessert! i always serve a cake of some kind.
7. favorite flavor of birthday cake? lemon! 

8. balloons? yes or no? oh yes! for my birthday we got the balloons that were the cute golden numbers and i loved them so much. but they were so expensive!
9. best party song? really any ke$ha song. 

10. do you like to dance? yes or no? kind of. i look pretty stupid i think and i dont like to get sweaty. but its fun!