Lot 48: monk and mental illness

August 17, 2018

monk and mental illness

as i mentioned before i have been binging monk.  this show is so well done. so well done.  its about a very brilliant detective with a very intense case of OCD.  the show does a very poor job of handling his mental disorder. that's what i want to talk about.

i have spoken openly about mental health and that it is waaay past the time that we are sensitive to those with mental health and to those who brave silent struggles.
the show ran from 2002-2009. i think if this show were to be done now it would hopefully be more sensitive to monk’s disorder.

frequently in the show, monk is referred to as a “freak” which really bothers me. in season 1 episode 9, monk stumbles into a comedy club where the comedian brings him onstage and uses the remainder of his act making fun of him like he is a circus act.  he makes fun of monk that he wore a suit, (pants and a suit coat) on the beach, that he was sorting the peanuts on the bar to make the peanuts even in both bowls.  it was disgusting.

some of you might say "if this bothers you, don't watch" but i see this in life way too much.  in how we treat the homeless and those who have mental illnesses, big illnesses and small.  they are silent, deadly diseases that can quietly kill a person without showing any outward signs of distress.

it's so hard to know what to do to help those suffering with mental disorders.  its such a personal thing, most people, very very few people admit they have a disorder or a problem. its embarrassing.  how are we supposed to help people when we can't see or don't know they are in pain?  everyone saw what monk was going through.  they chose to make fun of him.  the majority of people suffering are silent.  what do we do?

i wish so badly there is a solution. i feel like everywhere i turn there is another suicide like i talked about here.  i try really hard to notice signs people give.  like if they are chatty and slowly start to push people away or get really silent.  i pray everyday to help others and be a vessel for the Lord and to help His children.  i don't know what's going on with others, but He does.

try to pay close attention to others.  pay close attention to how their behavior.  i guess that's all we can do.  if you're brave enough, speak out about your own struggles so its easier for others to ask for help. that is so much easier said than done.  i know i should be writing this during may because thats mental illness month, but here we are.

love and respect others.