Lot 48: If we were on a coffee date...

August 8, 2018

If we were on a coffee date...

i wouldn’t be drinking coffee...

hahaha a lot of bloggers do coffee date posts and as i mentioned in my last post, i want to do more fun posts and thought a nice chat with you would be a great way to start this new chapter. 

so how about a "currently" post? i like those too.

feeling... anxious.  about a lot of things.  there are a lot of things that i am anxious about that i don't want to get in to.  mostly when things are going so terribly wrong i withdraw from everyone and not talk about the things that are troubling me.  that is what's happening now.  but i will say its a storm.   a giant storm has hit with lots and lots of things going very wrong. i have to have faith things will resolve themselves or i will make them resolve themselves.

loving... monk.  its summer so there isn't a lot of tv to watch and i have been looking for a new show to binge.  i had only seen a few episodes and stumbled upon it on amazon prime.  i am in love with it.  it is so well done and is helping me with my writing as monk is such a well developed perfectly constructed character.  its inspiring.  he's adorable and i love his innocence.  something that bothers me very much about the show is how inconsiderate the show is about monk's OCD.  that's a mental illness and they treat it very flippantly.  other characters call him a freak and it makes me very angry.  i'm going to write an entire post about this but if this show was done now, i don't think they would be able to get away with that.

disliking.... summer.  i hate summer.  i always have. even when i was in school and everyone else was so excited to have the time off, i hated it.  summer had no structure and i only thrive on structure.  during the summer i still had my dance but i wasn't doing it 40 hours a week like i was during the school year.  its so freaking hot and i haven't been able to find a good pool to go to and you can only go to the beach so many times and at the beach sand gets in very uncomfortable places if you know what i mean.  and part of what has been so terrible lately is our a/c broke and they replaced it with incompetent one and yada yada and its a whole thing and i hate summer! 
growing up in the desert where it would get to be 117 in august, my house was always 65 degrees because my mom despised being hot at all.  i never  realized until now how lucky i was.  i don't have that luxury now with a tiny wall unit.  i am literally counting down the days until summer ends.

reading..... the seven husbands of evelyn hugo.  i finished this a few weeks ago and haven't gotten around to blogging about it yet because i have been trying to read more and was hoping i could do one of those posts where i review like 4 books at once.  but that isn't going to happen. 

evelyn hugo is a movie star icon throughout the 50s and 60s.  she chooses a journalist, monique, to write her autobiography before she dies.  evelyn takes her through her life and her loves, successes and heart breaks.  and what kind of book would it be unless monique changed and became a stronger, better person because of evelyn. 

SPOILER ALERT: this book was very heavy on gay rights and lesbian love.  it was really eye opening for me as i haven't really heard stories of how difficult it was to live as a gay person in a world where that was so unacceptable the danger of getting arrested was very plausible.  my favorite line from the book was "it was like the world took a tax on my happiness. in order to live my life, the world took half of my happiness."  they had to take such drastic measures to be themselves and love who they wanted to love.  it is really heartbreaking.  and although my beliefs don't align with the beliefs of those in this book, i am so glad i read it as i was educated on the cruelty involved in these people just trying to live their lives. 

i'm also reading a new model: what confience, beauty and power really look likei am obsessed with ashley graham and am loving her book.  she is the BOSS.  i am so freaking sick of being told i have to look a certain way and i am in love with ashley's attitude on how you should feel about yourself no matter what anybody says and no matter what you look like. 

learning.... a lot of code.  i am trying to teach myself enough code that i can launch my own web design business.  i really want to do it but i don't know enough to do it.  

wanting... more pictures of the royals.  more pictures of kate! more pictures of meghan!  you know it took me a while to warm up to meghan but now i just love her.  i want to see lots of pictures of her every day.  can i be a princess too?  k thanks.