Lot 48: i miss blogging

August 6, 2018

i miss blogging

the other day my sister asked me if i had a good picture of all us sisters. so naturally i went to my blog and looked through my archives and went through old posts until i found one.

while i did this i saw all kinds of really fun posts i had written. like “jobs i would hate” “my anti bucket list" “what i’d do with a million dollars” posts like that. those are fun! now it seems like all posts are sponsored and posts are not just chatting with random strangers. i miss that part of blogging.

i’ve read several bloggers talk about this issue and that they miss those fun posts too but they are too busy running their blog business to write those fun posts.

truthfully, i’ve had really bad writer’s block lately. i know, i have said i don’t belive in writer’s block. with my pilot i wrote the last quarter of my UCLA program, i am having MAJOR trouble with it. it is everything i want to say as a human and i am having an impossible time getting my point across. i’m stalled and its making me stalled in all my writing, blog writing included.

so enough!! i have a lot of drafts in my queue so lets all just combine them and throw them all in.
i have been applying to a lot of jobs on several shows and other jobs outside the industry too haven’t really gotten any nibbles and i’m having a lot of trouble believing in myself. that a show would pick little old me to work on their show, to believe things to change, to believe that things will get better because they aren’t so great right now.

believing in yourself is really really scary. but i really do try to be brave. but how can i be the bravest person i know and not not believe in myself when that in itself its scary? see what im saying?

moving on..

what’s your favorite smell? i think its the smell of rain. i love the rain. it kinda sucks when youre in it but when you’re in bed with your warm socks on with a good show or a good book and you can smell it through the window its 👌.

i think also my favorite smell is my mom’s perfume or taran’s musk 😉

what is the best day of your life? this day, about a month ago. we went to the beach and it was hot and the water was cool and the book i was reading was so good and the voices i could hear around me were so soothing. and after i got a massage and it was the BEST day.

these are the fun posts i want to get back to writing! i don’t have a huge following and never get the campaigns i apply to anyway (believe in yourself!) so i have no excuse but to write fun posts like this like its 2014.


  1. Blogging misses you, just so you know. I like the smell of rain a smell I do not like is coffee can't stand it

  2. Write anything you want. Ive just adopted that approach and now I love it again. I miss fun posts also.


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