Lot 48: the crown exhibit

July 23, 2018

the crown exhibit

on saturday we finally went to the crown exhibit at the paley center for media.  it closes on sunday and i had been dying to go for weeks! it did was incredible, although i wish there were costumes on display.

this is the Queen's ambassador ball gown.  there was SO much detail.  you can't see it in the picture but there was this beautiful embroidery that looked like it was stamped throughout the dress in gold thread.  i got so close to each of the costumes to see each minute detail.  there was so much detail it was amazing.  

like who are these men on her gown?  maybe her father and grandfather?

and what does this broach mean? 

something that really surprised me was they mostly displayed costumes from dear mrs. kennedy episode.  they displayed a lot of costumes that the actress who played jackie kennedy wore. 

this is the dress the Queen wore when she had dinner with the kennedys.

this is what the Queen wore when she and jackie met one on one later in the episode.

and this is what jackie wore later in the episode.  they had a  video playing with the costume designer talking and said that jackie was a "breath of fresh air" in the palace regarding the way she was dressed. american tailoring v english tailoring in the 60s was very different. 

i have this little video i made meaning i just put two videos i recorded together. (so difficult!) the end of it shows the detail on jackie kennedys dress from the dinner and the beginning shows mostly margaret's outfits and tony's suit.  but what i thought was interesting was the cape on the back of jackie's dress isn't the exact same color as the front of the dress but on tv it looks the same.  

this is margaret's dress she wears in that portrait she is forced to take that she hates. and then tony takes one of  her later where she looks naked.  i just loved looking at these up close and looking at all the detail.  have i said that enough yet? 

heart emoji.  i could write an entire essay on how their relationship was portrayed. 

this is the cocktail dress margaret wore when she went to the party where she met tony. i'm sorry its blurry, i took it from the video from above.

this is when she went on that motorcycle ride with tony. remember? she went outside the palace and she was waiting for her?  i wish i had gotten a better look but see the obvious difference between how the Queen and margaret dress.  look at the bodice margaret is wearing.  it is sheer above her bra area.  how scandalous!  costumes always fascinate me.  especially when they are done correctly. the show was nominated for an emmy their first season but not this season. they should have been!

it was such a fun experience seeing these costumes up close.  just another reason why i am so in love with LA! i get to do cool things like this!


  1. I like The Crown it's a bloody great show, with some awesome clothes


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