Lot 48: life lately

July 3, 2018

life lately

hi peeps! its been a while! how about a little catch up?

ive been needing a lot of positive reinforcement lately due to a myriad of factors. mostly, i'm stuck, guys. i'm stuck in a rut in a number of ways but mostly in the show i created my final quarter of my writing program. i need to get it to a certain place, and i am stuck, and am having the hardest time getting it there.

as members of six flags, we get to bring friends for free sometimes! a few weekends ago we brought our couple friends, jason and abby! i love these people. they are two of my best friends. there are not many people i would like to spend 7 hours in lines with, but these peeps are two of them.

it was an hour and a half wait for tatsu.  pro tip, download a group game that you can all play on your phones together. anything to distract you from how much your feet hurt. 

taran went out of town for 3 days on a business trip and when he got back within the two hours he was home he dropped an open avocado on my phone and dropped all my makeup in the toilet. hahahaha. oh boy.  i made him clean all my brushes for that! 

i went to utah last week to see my sisters and my niecephews and also attend taran's brother's wedding.  

first when i got there, i went to my sister jessica's to be with her and her kids.

i love doing face filters with my nieces and nephews.  it entertains them for so long and they are so funny with it.

we had a little picnic!  look how they are matching! my sweet girls. 


that night jessica threw a bbq so taran could see everyone.  when we go to utah he likes work to pay for it, ha, so he went several days early to work from corporate and coudln't hang out with me during the day. his only opportunity to see the kids was that night. 




jessica has a cherry tree in her backyard.  this is fresh cobbler she made with her fresh picked cherries.  it was heaven.  

we got a picture as sisters! my nephew oliver took it so we got on our knees so we would be at his height.  haha. he took a good picture and i love it when i am with all my sisters!

the next day i went to my sister rachelle's.  my sweet niece june gave me these flowers.  

i got some good one on one time with june because avery went to play at her friend's house and james was napping.  we played with her toys and of course, did face filters.

i only knew james when he was a few weeks old so i wanted some quality time with him to get to know him that that he is a baby and not a newborn.  he is so smiley! in love.

i suggested we go to this huge sports apparel store called scheels that has a huge ferris wheel inside.  there is also an aquarium in the ceiling and avery and june loved watching the scuba diver clean it!

waiting in line! they were so brave!
the below photos are very edited my apologies the pics were super bac lit but i did what i could.

when we were at the top, our car thing was rocking a bit, not a lot.  but avery got a little nervous and said she was scared.  i was really surprised.  avery has guts of steel.  she is fearless.  i had my arms around both of them and every time she asked why it was rocking i just said it was gravity and we would be down soon.  and june loved it! 

so proud of her! she was so brave!

the next day was taran's brother's wedding.  it took place at our church's lds draper temple.  i want to talk about this a little bit.  as i have gone to two lds weddings in the past two weeks, i want to explain how a lds wedding works.  

  • there are no pictures taken inside the temple.  it isn't secret but its sacred.  
  • not all lds members of the church can attend lds weddings.  in order to attend, you have to have your endowments.  your endowments is a sacred ordinance you do in the temple to make covenants to God.  this is also the time when you obtain garments.  
  • even if you have your endowments, you still must have a valid temple recommend to attend the temple.  this is a recommend signed by your bishop (leader of your ward 'ward is your group of people you worship with each week') and your stake president (stake president leads over several wards) stating you are following the gospel of the Church and keeping with the laws and commandments of God.
  • lds weddings are very small and are referred to as "sealings" as we believe we are sealed for all eternity to our spouses, and that death with not part us.  people can get married in a "civil" ceremony for time but not eternity and get sealed in the temple a year later.  sealing rooms in the temple can maximum hold 65 people, so the guest list is always very limited.  i had 45 people at my sealing and my best friend a few weeks ago has a huge family and used the biggest room the temple had.
  • you can also seal your children to you in the temple so that death will not part you from your children.  this is done if a child is adopted or if the children are born "out of the covenant" meaning the parents were not sealed when they had the child.  you can also do sealings for the dead, sealing those in the afterlife to their spouses and other family members.  doing work for the dead is a huge part of our gospel so that those in the afterlife who have not had the opportunity to accept the gospel on Earth can accept it in Heaven.
  • sealings are very short.  they are usually 15 minutes.  mine felt like 5 minutes.  my best friend has her uncle do her sealing and he talked for forty minutes.  that is unusual it is usually much shorter than that.
  • its tradition that the guests and those who weren't able to attend the sealing wait outside the door where the couples come out and cheer once they exit.  its fun.  
  • if this didn't make any sense or if you have any questions, please feel free to ask! :)

this is taran's brother, my mother in law, father in law, and new sister in law.  this was taken after the wedding. 

this is taran's sister.  we had to take a glamour shot.

this is my nephew, child of the above SIL.  i love him and he only lives two hours away from me, in bakersfield!

the happy couple.

after the wedding luncheon we went to my sister andrea's to see her and her kids.  look guys, its prince harry as a kid! haha.  my nephew isaac is a quarter mexican and has the reddest hair its so crazy.  every time i see him i'm like "its prince harry!" or  "its ed sheeran!"

we went for shaved ice with the kids and my brother in law.  moses has the cheesiest grin i love it.  he loves wearing sunglasses!

my squish!! 

that night i decided we were going to do sealings for the dead at the temple got married at. the oquirrh mountain temple.  its gorgeous and all these weddings were getting me sentimental.  i wanted to marry him all over again.  (to be clear that isn't what we did that isn't what we do when we do sealings i'm just saying it feels like it)

it was so special and romantic and i really did feel like we got married all over again. it was really really special.

we asked this guy who had been working in the temple to take our picture and he was awesome, he just went for it and took a whole bunch! 

the next day we flew home! i was so happy to get back to california.  its where i belong.  its my home, where i fit in, where i am my best self.  it was a great visit but i'm so glad to live in LA. :)