Lot 48: goals for the summer

July 8, 2018

goals for the summer

last weekend we went to the beach. LA had a MAJOR heat wave last week and it was pure misery. the worst part was we had our apartment sprayed for bugs on friday, which was the hottest day, and they turned off the air conditioning. i walked in and my apartment was probably 100 degrees. it was miserable.

saturday we went to beach, along with everyone else in the city. i try to avoid the really popular beaches to avoid the crowds but my favorite beacb, will rodgers beach near santa monica, was packed.

it was unbearably hot and the waves were big. we got near the water and a huge wave came, splashing us on our legs all the up to our arms. i like the ocean as long as i can control how much water gets on me. once big waves hit, im out. taran stayed in the ocean and dunked his head while i went back to my comfy beach chair.

i was sitting there with a towel on me, a lava lava on my head blocking the sun and sunglasses on my face. i had a very good book. there were families and college kids and all kinds of people around. i felt the cool water of the ocean on my skin. i heard voices from people nearby. i felt the sun on my skin, happy to know it was darkening my pale pale skin. my husband was next to me, laying on his towlel listening to an audio book. i heard the waves crashing. in that moment, i had everything i needed. it was such a beautiful moment i wanted to bottle it up. i thought to myself “this is pure bliss.” i adjusted my chair and my body so i was laying on my stomach. my magic beach chair has a hole where my face goes and arm holes so i can read while lying on my stomach. it was pure bliss.

even thinking of that moment now, nearly a week later, my body relaxes and its like im right back there. i think years later, i will look back on that moment and remember it as one of the happiest and best moments of my life.

i had a slow start to summer. i am not a fan of summer and am in denial for as long as possible that summer actually happens until about july when i know i cant ignore it anymore.

im in the middle of reading a book. i never have time to read!! this summer i want to read more. i want to read fun fiction novels and also books about writing and the business, books that will advance
my career.

the costumes of the crown are on display at the paley center until july 29 and i have yet to go. MUST go.

see a movie at the hollywood cemetary. an iconic LA thing to do that i have not done.

go to the beach several more times and try out a few i havent been to.

finish my pilot for heaven’s sake!! this should be #1!

go to a networking event for writers or people in the biz.

go to six flags as much as possible

counting down the days until fall!! its my very favorite!!

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