Lot 48: some people, man

June 15, 2018

some people, man

you will not believe what happened today.

i'm in my hometown for my best friend's wedding and today was a chill day.  we had the bachelorette party last night and the wedding is tomorrow and nothing going on today.  taran and i went to my parents country club, the pool i grew up in.  i have been going to that pool for literally as long as i can remember.  

i don't know what it is about pools but i find them so romantic.  maybe its the lack of clothing, the wet hair, i don't know, but i always end up kissing taran a lot whenever we go to a pool.  

we were about to leave when i wanted to get in one last time.  it was a friday afternoon so it was just us and one other family of a mom and dad and two little boys at the pool.  taran and i were kissing when this woman, probably 65+, walked in.  i barely noticed her when she entered and went back to kissing taran.  then i heard a voice.

"excuse me, that is completely inappropriate to be kissing and necking like that, there are children here."

at first i couldn't believe what i just heard.  was she really talking to us?  i looked at her in disbelief and said "we're married." 

she said "i don't care if you are married and have 500 kids, there are children over there.  you can't be kissing and necking like that!" 

taran never gets involved in confrontation with strangers but i could tell i wasn't the only one who was pissed when he responded "we're not necking!" because we really weren't and we weren't making out.  i was kissing my husband.  i'm allowed to do that in public.

then she said something i never, ever thought i would hear a stranger say to my husband.

"i bet you have an erection."

WHAT?!? are you freaking kidding me?! did she really just say that?! 

taran said "wow." and i said "it is none of your business if my husband has an erection, ma'am!" words i never thought i would ever say to anybody in my life.

she said "it is my business if he has an erection when there are kids right there!" 

oh.  my.  &*(*^! 

she said "i'm going to go get the lifeguard and see if i'm wrong."

i said "don't bother. we were about to leave anyway."

we started to get out when the family she felt she had to protect from our devilish ways started to defend us.  the dad said to her "we kiss in front of our kids all the time.  we don't care." that wasn't good enough for her.

we were getting our stuff when taran apologized to the family if we offended them and the dad said "seriously, i didn't even notice."

the lifeguard came over, a girl.  the woman was standing a few feet away from us so the lifeguard whispered "i am so sorry about this." i said "its fine we were leaving anyway." then the lifeguard said loudly "okay thank you!" so the crazy woman would hear and think we had a stern talking to.

we left very angry and in complete disbelief that something so bizarre happened.  who thinks they have the right to say to someone "i bet you have an erection?"  additionally, she was so loud scolding us, the kids heard her say "erection" and might have asked their parents what that word meant.  if her goal was to shield those innocent children from sinful people like us, the royally screwed up.  she taught them a new word.  

i guess its this woman's right to walk into her country club pool and not see what is in her opinion, probably an x rated scene.  its also my right to kiss my husband in public.  but its less of a right and more of a privilege.  i could have not kissed taran so much i guess.  

i'm in such disbelief and anger towards this situation and can't believe this woman thought it was her right to say such disrespectful things to us.  to her, i'm sure we were being disrespectful as well.

just some people.  honestly.

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