Lot 48: the royal wedding : what it was like to be there

May 18, 2018

the royal wedding : what it was like to be there

7 years ago i was on my study abroad in london. i had been there two days when the royal wedding happened.

so let me tell you about it! i wrote about it here when princess charlotte was born but i wanted to share a few details.

when we got our metro passes, their engagement photo was on the cover. they were selling royal wedding trinkets everywhere.  phone cases, wallets, condom wrappers with kate and will's faces on them, (true story!) shot glasses, wine glasses, pillows, journals, passport holders, everything you can think of!  when we went took a tour of the queen's horses/carriage tour in the gift shop there was a bunch of plates with their faces on it and you could even buy the invitations!

and kate's ring was on every corner.  i bought one for myself then lost it and then bought another one then lost it and they were all super cheap and made my finger green.  then for our anniversary this year taran gave me a nicer one! i am wearing this all weekend in protest.  because kate is the only real princess (I KNOW SHE ISN'T A PRINCESS I KNOW SHE'S A DUCHESS WHATEVER SHE'S PERFECT). 

our first night in london, we were so excited we immediately went to the westminster abbey tube stop and saw the royal eye and then walked to parliament and then made our way to the abbey.  and kate and will were doing their rehearsal!  we saw them getting into their car and the paparazzi was all there! it was so cool!

there were some people in my study abroad group that were die hard royal wedding fans and they went to buckingham palace the night before and stayed up allll night with strangers on the wet grass waiting to get a glimpse of kate as she made her way to westminster abbey.

my apartment was right across the street from kensington gardens.  they projected the televised wedding in the park. it was so much fun.

everyone was there, all of london it felt like!  the week of the wedding, walking on the streets was nearly impossible.  you would have to just push your way through people.  it was insane, the city was so crowded.  after the wedding it went back to normal where we only had to push a little bit to get where we were going when we walked. haha!

there were a bunch of cute little ladies in hats!  they wear hats to weddings in england! they would have tea and crumpets on blankets on the ground, it was perfectly british.

and people wore wedding dresses! it was brilliant!  and i mean that in the british way! i should have worn a white dress to the wedding!

so many people out!  i felt like i was part of something historical because i was.   i really can't explain how incredible it was to be there.  there were hundreds of thousands of people all there to celebrate for one reason.  hundreds of thousands of people came together! together!  that is just so special and amazing to me. 

i know these pictures aren't the best but i was taking pictures of the ceremony so whattagonnado.

when they said "i will" (ha 'i will' hahahah what a pun) everybody cheered and kissed and threw up handkerchiefs!  it was such an incredible moment. i think i cried.  

this is one of my most cherished memories.  i think the reason why i hate meghan so much is because of this.  this was so beyond special to me and meghan is having her own royal wedding of her own and is daring to tarnish or trash my sweet memories which i know can't happen.  their my memories.  

i've said a lot of cruel things about her but its all in defense of my die hard love of kate.  but i don't really care if you think i'm a witch for how i feel about meghan.  

and i feel like i would have this strong of feelings about lady diana.


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  1. I have no real feelings about Meghan, I like Harry and if he is happy than all is good I guess

  2. I’m glad that being in London for William & Kate’s wedding was a happy memory for you. Your blog was one of my favorites, but you are correct - you have alienated at least one of your readers by sharing your negative feelings about Meghan and Harry’s wedding. While you tried to save face by saying the only thing you like about her is that she’s half black, I’m not sure if this was a sincere statement. I honestly couldn’t even finish reading this entire post. Your opinions- specifically the one where you called her trash and a b**** - were so offensive. There are two sides to every story and Meghan has been too classy to dish any dirt about her relationship with her sister. Of course your comments don’t reflect on Meghan as much as they reflect on your character. Don’t bother with a reply, I have already clicked Unfollow.


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