Lot 48: the best present i've ever given my mom + the best weekend

May 15, 2018

the best present i've ever given my mom + the best weekend

i had the best weekend, how about you? i went home for the weekend and it was wonderful!  it was my best friend's bridal shower and to spend time with my mom.  i wrote a lot about this on friday so i know i'm repeating myself.
united airlines recently opened flights from lax straight to my hometown which is great! my town has this tiny little regional airport so its so great you don't have to fly into vegas and then take a two hour bus to get home or drive 7 hours.

*my mom has a heart covering her face because she would kill me if i posted a picture of her without makeup on.

my mom had surgery over a month ago and can't leave the house.  she has to be laying down at all times.  she is the kind of woman who always looks perfect.  perfect hair, nails, makeup, perfectly dressed, always has a the most beautiful smelling perfume.  so i knew it was killing her that she couldn't go get her hair done or her nails done.  

in big cities like mine (LA) there are apps like priv where you put in your address and you can summon a manicurist, a masseur, hair stylist, trainer, you name it. but in my tiny town of st george, we don't have that luxury. 

so i turned to instagram.  i searched #stgeorgenailtech and contacted every nail tech that said "contact me for appointments!" in their profile! i contacted 17 of them!  there were only TWO that said they would be able to come over and give a manicure to my mom and one had a time that wouldn't work for us.  enter the amazing cynthia.  she was so sweet.  

i had the manicure happen in the morning, before patrisha's shower.  i had to wake my mom up and i felt so bad; i really thought she would have been up by then.  i said "i'm so sorry, your mother's day surprise will be here in 20 minutes, i really thought you would be up by now, i'm so sorry." she didn't ask questions (she loves surprises) and just got ready and put some clothes and makeup on.  

my dad knew about the surprise and came into the bathroom and said "the asset is here." haha. i got cynthia all set up in the living room because my mom was going to have to lie down while she had her manicure.  i put the pillows she would need on the couch and got chairs and stools for cynthia.  then i got my mom.

i said "are you ready?" to my mom she said yes.  i said "so you know how you can't leave the house right? well i thought i would bring the salon to you!" and she was like "what?! oh my gosh!" and i led her out into the living room and said "this is cynthia, she's a nail tech and she is here to give you a manicure!" she was soo happy and gave me the biggest hug and said "i was just saying to dad the other day how ratty and gross my nails were!" and my dad said "i know i smiled when you said that" and she was like "oh i didn't even notice!" 

cynthia was the nicest and couldn't have been more sweet to my mom.  she and my mom talked and i read my mom us weekly magazines about princess kate and the new baby and princess charlottes 3rd birthday (we are HUGE princess kate fans.  meghan markle is trash.  she can never even come close to comparing to kate) and my mom kept throwing her head back and cluthing her heart and saying "im so happy."

she got a shellac manicure with a blush color so when it grows out it won't be that noticeable.  smart!  i was beyond happy that i could do this for my mom.  i have been wanting to take care of her since her surgery and it has killed me i haven't been able to be with her at all the last six weeks. i could barely sleep the night before i was so excited! 

then it was time for patrisha's bridal shower!  i was so glad  i could be there.  one of the bridesmaids threw it and they did a fantastic job!

the photo booth was so much fun! they had all these props to use.  i love photo booths.

patrisha was a lot better at being silly for the pictures than i was. ps why does my hair look so dark?

i love these pictures of the happy couple.  they are adorable and you can really see their personalities.

they put so many cute details in the shower! 

and look at that food! i was so full afterwards!  ah! these pictures are making my mouth water! 
we played the classic game where we asked her fiance questions about each other and if she guesses her fiance's answer wrong she has to put a marshmallow in her mouth.  she did pretty well but still got some wrong!  it was hilarious. 

this game was fun!  i got zero right!  haah! i thought i would get at least some right because i have known her for so long but nope!

i love her so much!  i am so happy to be by her side as she becomes a married woman!  she better get ready for the bachelorette party she put me in charge of!  its gonna be craaa-zaaaayy! 

i loved the little gift bags because eos is my life!  there were little eos balls in each bag!  perfect! 

because my mom can't really go anywhere, i had made a long list of movies, books and tv shows for her to watch while she recovered.  it was a dream come true.  first of all, i never get her all to myself.  and secondly, i bond with people over tv so it was awesome because we watched a lot of tv together which has never happened before!  i introduced her to some of my favorite shows that i knew she would like and it was so much fun! superstore, the paradise and elementary.  we also read more magazines, did some online shopping, and talked and talked.  it was perfect. 

as you know, my parents sold my childhood home. the entire weekend my dad and my uncle and neighbors were moving things out of the house.  my dad took me to the lot where they are building their new home.  i have a lot of feelings about my childhood home being sold, but i think i've made peace with it and am ready for our family to move on and open a new chapter in our lives.  when he took me to the lot, i had a really good feeling and knew we would be happy in this new home and got excited.  my dad said the new home will be ready by february hopefully.

then it was time to head home. i really missed taran because that week he was gone on a business trip from mon-wed and then i was gone from fri-sun.  but i also didn't want to leave my mom i hda such a wonderful time with her.  but LA is my home, not st george. look at this dinky little airport of st george! so small! that's a regional airport for you.

landing in salt lake city.
landing in LA!


when taran picked me up this is what i found when i opened the door!   so sweet!  he said he couldn't take full credit because they were giving them out at church for the mothers day and he got me one.  so sweet! it was a rough traveling day and turned my whole day around.  just seeing him turned my day around but this made it extra special.

it was the best weekend guys! i was sad to see it end!  spending tons of time with my mom, some time with my dad (who is coming out next month for my ucla graduation!) and getting to celebrate the upcoming nuptials of my best friend!  the BEST weekend!


  1. Yes sounds like the best present indeed, this post made me smile

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