Lot 48: tbb may questions - entertainment edition

May 8, 2018

tbb may questions - entertainment edition

its that time again! for the blended blog to ask us questions for the month and then linkup!  i love these linkups, they are some of my favorite! and this month is my very favorite questions! ENTERTAINMENT! who better to ask these questions to than me?  in case you haven't been paying attention, i live in la trying to be a tv writer.  this is my wheelhouse! let's do it!

comedy or drama? comedy! i would much rather laugh than cry or leave feeling frustrated and sad.

fiction or non-fiction? fiction.  the only non-fiction i like are biographies of celebs.

movies in theater or at home? both but i think i lean more towards movies in theaters.  we have moviepass which is great but i don't know how long they will last.  but it saves so much and i feel like i can actually go to the movies now and not rack up a huge bill! 

musical or play? musicals.  as a former performer, i am a sucker for musicals and have been in several.  plays can be fun if they are the right kind.  i saw mousetrap in london which is an agatha christie book and it is still one of my favorite plays. 

which meal of the day is your favorite to eat out?  breakfast!  that is my favorite meal of the day if done right. bring on the pancakes, bacon, eggs, hashbrowns, waffles, orange juice, you name it!   i love getting breakfast at ihope or a cute little brunch spot! 

favorite book you ever read?  ooo that's tough.  i am pretty sure attachments by rainbow rowell is my favorite book.  i have only read it once and i still can't stop thinking about it.  i also love anything by Sarah Addision Allen.  She has such magic to her writing.

game night: yes or no? heck yes! i  love game night!  i am not the best loser though.  i have been working on it but if i lose its really hard for me to not scream "NOOOOOOOO!" and flip the table over. 

favorite outside game to play? i am not an outside person.  if i am outside and im playing a game that would be me laying on a blanket on the grass with someone i love playing "never have i ever" or "would you rather."

favorite tv series ever?  gilmore girls.

sitcoms growing up or sitcoms of today? it is such a great time to be a tv writer because there are so many platforms for tv and execs are starving for content.  i will take sitcoms growing up though.  it was simpler back then and i write i try to stick to those simple comedic rules.

miniature golf or bowling? miniature golf!  i am terrible at bowling but better at miniature golf.  i especially like how each place has its own themes!  back home, we have a place where its black light mini golf and the themes are the seven wonders of the world.  its so much fun!  and everyone looks so weird in the black light and neon lights!

favorite movie theater candy? swedish fish. 

how do you like your popcorn? no extra butter.  it just doesn't taste good that way. 

3D movies with the glasses: yes or no? no.  i don't think it really adds to the experience. 

favorite genre of book to read? romantic comedies!  

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  1. I prefer a good drama, haven't seen a movie at the cinema in years and if I was to have a meal out I prefer lunch


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