Lot 48: six flags weekend! + i'm sorry.

May 21, 2018

six flags weekend! + i'm sorry.

i had such a great weekend, how about you?

I need to address the posts and comments I have made the past few days about the royal wedding and Meghan Markle. I don’t know why I have such strong feelings about Meghan, but  I think deep down I irrationally think that Meghan is pushing my most cherished London memories aside. I have been very upfront about being aware that I have been rude, cruel and distasteful regarding my comments towards Meghan Markle. I  should have kept my feelings to myself.  i was just protecting kate and my memories.

but just because meghan is now a princess doesn't mean they are competing.  they are both different people. i root for them both.


the last time i lived in LA, i had a friend who got me hooked on six flags.  we went alll the time.  i love roller coasters.  the scarier the better!

for my birthday, my mom got us membership passes to the park and i can't wait to go all the time over the next 12 months. taran isn't the biggest fan of super scary roller coasters but he was so brave and went on the big ones with me! riding roller coasters is funny, its the fear beforehand that gets you. than afterwards, you're like "LETS DO IT AGAIN!"

this is the coaster "viper." and its one of my favorites. 

but tatsu is definitely the most fun.   you get in those chairs and then it turns you so you're parallel to the floor.

see?  when we were next to ride the ride, it shut down.  that's always annoying.  i'm so glad that we waited and held our place because it didn't take that long to fix.  that ride is crazy! it seriously gives you an idea of what it would be like to fly. its so fun!

we did see deadpool 2 and it was awesome. highly recommend. 

my poor little 6 year old nephew broke his arm!  so sad! but he was so brave and what really impressed me was that when it happened he asked for prayers.  what a spiritual little guy! and on the way to the instacare, he gave himself the cutest little pep talk "i can do this, they'e going to help you." he is the bravest, sweetest little guy.  i feel so bad for him. 

hope you all had a great weekend! 



  1. I might be chicken but i can’t deal with roller coasters!

  2. No bloody way you would get me on a roller coaster I am terrified of open heights.
    So you don't like the new Duchess well that is ok you don't have to

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