Lot 48: on turning 28

May 29, 2018

on turning 28

today i turn 28. 28! people say i look, at most, 25. last week at work i mentioned to the fedex guy that i had a birthday coming up and he said “let me guess, you will be 22.” when i told him i was turning 28 he nearly fell to the floor. i guess i look really young! which i hate. i dont like looking so young because then i worry people won’t take me seriously. and i want to be taken seriously in this business. but people tell me, “you should be glad you look so young! when you’re 40 people will think you are 30!” and that will be great.

i am often frustrated that it took me so long to move back to LA and follow my dreams. it took me 6 years to move back! but i know if i had moved back earlier i would have failed. i wasn't ready for this until i did move back at age 26. this town is brutal, this business is near impossible and it can easily break anyone. i do believe everything happens for a reason and i know i wasn't meant to move back until it organically happened in its own way.

this birthday i look at all i have accomplished in life but also all i have to accomplish ahead. as my birthday inched closer, i started to freak out because i haven’t accomplished what i thought i would have at this age. i thought by 28 i would be an established writer and be on my second show as a staff writer or at least a writers assistant. i thought i would have pitched a show i created by now. but alas, none of those things have happened and i worry i am too old to start in this industry. but hey, since i look so young that will do me lots of favors!  27 was a great year, one of the best of my life, arguably THE best year of my life. i am excited for what this year will bring.

i graduate from my UCLA writing for television program in 9 days. i have learned SO MUCH and i am so grateful for this program. i owe it everything i am as a writer. this program has made me a writer. the program has prepared me for the world of writing and staffing, and pitching and creating as best anyone can be prepared. i know 28 will be a great year career wise because this program has prepared me to be a success.

i don't like getting older, i think few people do.  i was crying yesterday because i don't want to turn 28.  now i'm in my late 20s and i feel old. its scary to have started in this industry at age 26 when most start during college. i feel so behind.  at least i can trick people into thinking i'm younger.

i've had the best birthday so far! on saturday i had some friends over for a birthday lunch. it was so much fun and i was so happy to celebrate with all my girlfriends! i love hosting and love any excuse to throw a dinner party.

after we ate we played cards against humanity which is always a crowd pleaser and one of my favorite games.  its so funny and always has everyone rolling on the floor laughing.

my dear friend abby! i am so grateful for so many amazing women i am lucky enough to call my friends. 

that night, we went to the hollywood bowl for the beauty and the beast concert! it was so much fun! i had never been to the hollywood bowl before and it was a great experience.  a bunch of famous people came out during the musical numbers while the animated movie played and sang the numbers.  zooey deschanel was belle, taye diggs was gaston, rebel wilson was le fou, jane krakowski was mrs. potts and kelsey grammar was lumier and anthony evans was the beast. there were also a musical number from the broadway musical that was sung by marissa janet winkour, tony winner for hairspray.  anthony evans of course sang evermore from the live action film and at the end, guess who came out! alan menken!! i couldn't believe it.  he sang a few more songs from the film and it was surreal to see him play.  he has composed every disney movie i love! 

it was just the coolest experience. 

the outer part of the bowl was projected so when it was raining, rain was projected, when they were in the castle, the castle was projected.  it was seriously so cool.  and the live orchestra that played along with the film was fabulous.  while menken was out, he asked whoever in the orchestra that played on the soundtrack of the animated film to stand, and so many stood!!

okay, this made my life. we were waiting in line for our lyft and i was sitting on a bench when i turned around at a familiar voice.  it was melissa peterman. MELISSA PETERMAN guys!! from one of my favorite shows baby daddy and reba!  there she was! in the flesh!  i wanted to go up to her but didn't want to bother her.  but she was waiting for her uber just like everyone else, and as i was wrestling with what to do, i got a notification my lyft was here.  so i had to do it now!  i walked up to her and said "melissa?" she so sweetly said "yes?" i said "i'm your biggest fan." and she was so funny and grabbed my hands and she said "are you ernesto, my uber driver? that would make this so much better!" i was like "that would be awesome! i can't believe we are holding hands right now!!" i asked her if we could take a picture and she was so sweet about it.  i said that my lyft was here and in the line the hollywood bowl staff calls out your name when your ride gets here.  she asked if they had called my name and i said "i don't know, i've been talking to you!" and meant to say 'i'm in a bit of a fog right now, someone could steal my purse from my arm and i wouldn't even notice!" and then she said "let's listen for your name." like we were best friends!! then my phone rang and it was my driver and she said "you've been chosen! be free!!" and we both laughed so hard.  i don't even remember if i said "so good to meet you i love you!" i was in such a daze because i met melissa freaking peterman! i was on cloud nine for the rest of the night and was like BEST BIRTHDAY PRESENT EVER!

if you aren't familiar with melissa peterman, she is such a comedic icon on multi-cam tv.  my favorite part of baby daddy was her.  she has such incredible comedic timing, the way  she says her lines make them 100x funnier, and whatever she does she makes me laugh.  she is so talented and i respect and admire the heck out of her.  when i told taran "melissa peterman is behind me what should i do?" he was like "who?" but when he saw her he said "oh that's the actress you always laugh so hard at." i do! its true! still can't believe that i met her! she was just waiting in line like a normal person! 

yesterday we went to six flags and if you saw my instagram story you saw how crazy busy it was yesterday.  i think we will go back today because we have membership passes (thanks mom! great birthday present!) 

here is to a new year, hopefully a year of professional success, another year of learning and growing and improving.  i have goals for this year, just like i do every year.  my life never ceases to be boring and i love that. 

happy birthday to me!!
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