Lot 48: high five! its friday!

May 11, 2018

high five! its friday!

1. guys! its friday! this week has been rough. taran was gone on a business trip mon - wed and it was hard.  it was his second business trip in two weeks.  the week before he was only gone until tuesday so it was easier and i didn't really have time to miss him.  but this week was harder.  i felt myself crawling out of my skin not knowing what to do with myself when he wasn't around.  

 when he's gone, i feel strong and independent but i also feel not married. marriage is having a husband next to you, a partner in life, living in the same place as you, sleeping in the bed as you, begin with you 90% of the time.  so when he's gone, it feels really really weird.  

when we were dating, i couldn't be without him.  literally couldn't.  it was impossible and that is not an understatement.  i had this family vacation and he came for the first weekend but then he went home.  i couldn't stand it.  i was drowning, i left my family vacation to be with him.  the second i saw him i could finally breathe.  i still to this day feel guilty as heck that i left my family but i was extremely reliant on taran back then.  i'm really glad i'm not like that anymore.

2. now, tonight i am going home for my best friend's bridal shower. also, its mother's day weekend and i get to spend it with my mom!  look how that worked out!  because i live so far away from my family i never get to see them.  i haven't seen my parents since thanksgiving! so long! 

3. my mom had major surgery about 6 weeks ago and i have been dying to be by her side for it.  so i am so glad that i finally get to be there for her and spend time with her. 

4. PLUS. my parents FINALLY sold the house and have to be out next month.  i said my goodbyes to my childhood home at thanksgiving and swore i would never go back but i guess i am!  this will be a chance for me to sleep in my bed in my home one last time.  

i'm so excited for this weekend and am sorry to leave taran when he just got back, we have only had one day together this week! 

5. one last thing.  its time to write my first act of my pilot!  you may remember i have already written a pilot but this is a new one!  in my ucla writing for television program, we write two pilots, one each the last two quarters. i'm very nervous.  this show i'm creating is incredibly special to me and i have to get it right.  wish me luck!

have a great weekend everyone!

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