Lot 48: birthday wishes

May 23, 2018

birthday wishes

my birthday is coming up! its in 5 days! may 29! the bad thing about when my birthday is is that it always falls on memorial day weekend and i want to party with my friends but everyone is going out of town. but i am excited that i'm having a small lunch with some girlfriends on saturday!
when it comes to presents for my birthday, i am very specific.  to the point where i always know what i'm getting.

but! i wanted to share some things that i couldn't get because it was too expensive, sold out or not in my size. lets work left to right shall we?

i actually did get this! its from nasty gal and i almost returned it because it was too short in the front but i added an extender slip and i'm not giving this dress up!!

how baller is this leather jacket?

can you tell i'm into high/low dresses right now? but this one is too expensive and the front would have been way too short.

this beautiful dress from target i want so badly and it isn't too short but they don't have it in my size! i put a curse on your house, target!

love this super cute but super expensive blush colored dress.

and it wouldn't be me asking for presents without a new ring! heart emoji eyes.

my mom got us season passes to six flags! if you know me, you know how much i love roller coasters so this made my life

then on sat night, taran is taking me to the hollywood bowl for the first time! can you believe we haven't been yet?  we are going to beauty and the beast.  the orchestra will play the music along with the movie!!

we also have some special weekend plans that i'll share on friday

birthday, here i come! hope you had a good wednesday!

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