Lot 48: what I learned from binging “mom”

April 2, 2018

what I learned from binging “mom”

while writing my pilot this quarter, it was suggested to me by my professor that i watch mom.  i didn't think i would like it but i really did.  anna faris doesn't this thing with her hands when she talks that i could do without but she is so tiny and adorable.  i'm still mourning her split from husband chris pratt.  and allison janney is so tall.   how they approached such a serious subject is very brave and very smart.  i've never seen anything like it.  they dont shy away from the ugly parts of alcoholism like death but they still make it funny.  and to do this in a multi-camera setting, that also boggles my mind.  if i were to do this, i would make it an hour long dramedy or a half hour show that isn't joke filled like insecure.  but chuck lorre went another way.  he dared to go where no writer has gone before.  hand clap emoji.

the thing that has stood out to be the most in the show is wow do they eat a lot of food at that bistro!  and it all looks so good!  have you ever noticed that they usually eat these gigantic fruit bowls? and chicken salad.  and bonnie eats a lot.  mostly while in bed.

no bonnie, i don't think that would work for you.  i've seen you eat way too much meat.

and jill! i forget what kind of doctor your husband was but there is no way that he could be sustaining you with that kind of house and lifestyle.  unless he had like, 12 practices and was a plastic surgeon. 

and why do they always need menus when they go to the bistro when they are always there?! haven't they memorized they menu by now?

what i do love is how Christlike they are.  they are forgiving, good people who help others.  they even brought jodi's druggie boyfriend who is near responsible for her death into the fold and helped him get clean.  i do love that.  but the calls and help the girls need from one another come at the most inopportune times.  like when christy is about to go on a date.  its always when she is about to go on a date.

and lets not forget about alvin.  i loved him.  wouldn't it be unbearable for bonnie to live right across the courtyard from where he died?  if he really was the love of her life then wouldn't that be too painful?  every single day she would see the place where he died?  i would not be able to handle that. 

all in all, i learned to befriend a unexplainably rich alcoholic who will buy all my fruit bowls, chicken salads and cakes at a quaint little bistro before and after my alcoholic meetings, that i should move if the love of my life dies across the hall from me, and its gross to eat steak in bed.  and that i should never plan on going on dates because there will always be a crisis with my friends when i have plans.

but the biggest thing i learned is that those who have hit rock bottom and believe they can never get better can achieve great things.  i really believe in 12 step programs and recovery programs and i think this show is truly amazing in the way it shows that and is very uplifting.  addiction is such a terrible disease that affects so many lives and tears apart so many relationships and families and i love the way the show shines a light on both that aspect and the recovery aspect.

thumbs up chuck lorre! thumbs up! 


  1. I have never seen the show, I have heard of it just never seen it

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