Lot 48: spring q&a

April 18, 2018

spring q&a

i love the blended blog's questions each month! i am very late to the party this month!

what 3 colors remind you most of spring? green, blue and yellow

what is the first thing you add to your wardrobe in the spring? dresses!

what is the first wardrobe item you ditch in the spring? heavy coats

who mows the grass where you live? we have no grass where we live. funny enough, i am often 
woken up by a lawn mower and i don’t know what he is mowing  because I can’t see any grass at all!

what's spring like where you live?  you should still wear your long sleeves on most days but just a light jacket.  (haha that reminds me of that quote from miss congeniality!) it will rain a few times and get windy. obviously it doesn't snow and it will get up to the 90s in april.  i love LA!

whats your favorite thing about spring? my birthday!

are you a spring cleaner? heavens no. you can barely get me to clean on a normal basis. i think the words “spring cleaning” are the two worst words in the english language  they make me want to run

are you a baseball fan? eh. No but games can be fun.

tulips or daffodils? tulips 🌷

favorite outdoor spring activity? How DARE you say those words to me! haha outdoors?  no.  but i do love a good picnic!

flowers in the ground or in a pot? a pot that i buy and are already bloomed i don’t know the first thing about gardening.

favorite bird? the ones that make no sound and doesn’t relieve themselves on our cars and shoulders

car wash or wash vehicles at home? car wash!

when do you pull out your sandals? when my feet get hot in closed toed shoes. i can’t stand for my feet to be cold so I have to time it right.


  1. Haha I love that answer to the outdoor activity!

  2. Great questions, and bloody good answers, spring here is usually pretty damn warm/hot and time to wear thongs and thong type sandals


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