Lot 48: you don’t have to...

March 5, 2018

you don’t have to...

read every single blog post of a blog you like

be in a book club just because you feel like you should

read a certain book because everyone else is

shave your legs everyday

work out everyday

deny yourself your guilty pleasures

be ashamed of who you are

have your weekend full of activities. you can just chill in your bed or couch with a book or tv all weekend every weekend if you want.

do the dishes right away

read the news

go to a party if you don’t feel like it

feel bad about having cereal for dinner

paint your toenails or nails

we put so much social pressure on ourselves it’s overwhelming and exhausting. there is no need to meet these social contracts. you want to stay home all weekend? thats okay! im so tired of feeling bad or like a loser for my behavior. i stay home on the weekends. mostly because i am very very poor and there are a lot of free things to do in the city but that is downtown and then it’s like okay get up get going at noon and i slowly wake up is how i roll.

ANYWAY. it’s all good guys!! work hard, try your best, and if you aren’t happy, CHANGE IT. geez, i sound like a motivational speaker. i just hope this post helped you realize you don’t have to be perfect. and to you moms! its okay if your house is messy! or if your kids are wearing two sizes too small clothes!! you’re doing your best! good for you!

everyone, give yourself a big round of applause!