Lot 48: march beauty edition

March 13, 2018

march beauty edition

i love the blended blog and all their monthlu questions! it gives me ideas of things to write about!

1. eyelash curler? no. i hate those things!

2. favorite nail shade? dark red. like fall color red.

3. favorite lipstick shade? hmmm... depends on where i'm going. i like a darker shade if im going out for the night but i like a lighter shade for everyday. i posted some pictures with my shades on instagram that i wanted to share here. i love these lip colors!

4. blow dry or air dry your hair? blow dry! i can't stand it when my hair is wet! 

5. artificial nails? no, never. i wouldn't like that.

6. foundation?  only when i am getting really fancy.  i hate the way it feels on my face.  maybe i just haven't found the right foundation or something, i don't know. but i don't like it.

7. hair up or down? i usually leave it down or at least half down in the morning but it is up by the end of the day!

8. bar soap or body wash? body wash!

9. bath or shower? i take showers to get clean and baths to relax.

10. favorite body lotion? st ives daily hydrating vitamin e and avocado.  its so light and so moisturizing its perfect.

11. do you wear perfume? if so, what scent? i do wear perfume! its in a little tube and the same size as lipgloss.  its victorias secret bombshell and it smells of so good.

12. favorite lip balm? EOS! eos all the way everyday.  eos is the answer to every problem.  i don't like the organic, it smells funny. and now its finally in a tube so you don't have a weird ball in your pocket! 

13. how old were you when you first started wearing makeup? i was allowed to wear mascara when i was in 6th grade i think and i was allowed to do the "whole nine yards" of foundation and everything once i got to high school.