Lot 48: i was at ellen!

March 2, 2018

i was at ellen!

its the weekend, guys! this week went by slow and fast at the same time. i had a one week temp assignment this week, thank goodness and the good news is that they extended me a week! so that's good.

i finally got around to watching the episode of ellen that i was in the audience of.  it is so difficult to get tickets to ellen.  it took me a year to get tickets.  last spring the show emailed me asking me if i wanted to go to the taping of ellen's other show game of games on nbc.  they said if i went to that taping, i would get two tickets to ellen.  so heck yes i went! that was last april.  after that taping the show emailed me and said i wouldn't get to go to ellen until the new year.  and this was in april of last year.  so in january they emailed me and gave me three blocks of dates to pick from and i emailed back with three date requests.  it was been my DREAM to go to ellen for so long!  i took my friend whitney who is as big of a fan of ellen as i am!

another thing that happened is the week before we were to attend the show, the show emailed everyone who attending the thursday taping and asked if anyone loved the show the fosters. i really love that show and am so sad its ending.  i emailed back saying why i loved it so much, blah blah.  then next day they called me and said they weren't sure what they were doing with the fosters cast yet but would i be available to come into the studio on tuesday. heck yes i would! they said they would call me on monday if they were going to use me as a fan or something otherwise they would see me on thurdsay.  and they never called me! so i didn't get to meet the fosters cast and it was oh so very sad.

but!  going to an ellen taping was amazing!! it was everything i could have hoped for.  i was in kind of a bad seat, on the edge so i couldn't really see everything but that was fine by me!  i was there! there were speakers on the floors of the aisles so we could hear everything the guests and ellen were saying and there were also mics at our feet so they could pick up our applause. when we were seated we were told to be quiet while taping of course and to applaud when we were told and the guy at the front who would tell us when to applaud had a mic and explained when we should make noise.

the applause could be confusing because there was a guy at the front who told us when to stand up and cheer and when to sit back down.  so if you watch diane keaton's interview when she is talking about pinterest and she says to the audience "aren't you guys on it?" we are silent because we didn't know if we could applaud.

so if you watch the interview and go to 4:50 when diane asks the audience a question i was like "aaah can i clap??" but we were all silent and it was weird.  and then later in the interview at 5:54 she says "i'm sure all of you have taken an interest in pinterset too or am i wrong because i'm not getting a response" and then we applauded it was just weird i wish we could have just clapped the first time. 

while i was there, they taped parts of feb 16 and feb 20 shows.  they taped the segment on friday, feb 16's show with steph curry and his wife but they didn't film my part of the audience for that. they also taped the parts of tuesday, feb 20's show where diane keaton was on (!!!), the baby olympics curling event and the cute little geographer dude who was so adorable. 

when diane keaton came out i just iost it.  I LOVE HER. i took the below pictures as i was watching on my ipad so i am sorry that they are poor quality. 

her hat was so cute and she was so proud of it.  it was adorable. 

and look! i made a gif out of her entrance!

she was there to promote her new book, the house that pinterest builti just love her.

her dope hat was so awesome.  she is 72 (whaaat!) but she just goes for it!
i just want to be best friends with her.  she is so funny. 

then this kid named nate seltzer came out and he was a geography expert!! and the cutest little kid! 

he could look at any body of water and name it!

ellen geographer "when??" from Lauren Packer on Vimeo.

he did the cutest thing when ellen said they were going to break he was like "well, when will be back?" it was adorable. watch. 

it was for sure an experience i will never forget! 

remember that i said they also taped a bit of friday's show while i was there too?  they taped this bit with steph curry and his wife while i was there and it was really hilarious.  i don't follow sports at all so i had no idea who this guy was.  but i was super impressed by how funny his narration was when he was doing this! he was really funny!  i was glad i was in the audience for that, it was really fun to watch.

happy weekend everyone!  tonight we are going to a taping of mom!  its LA baby!  we could go to tapings every day if we wanted! and tomorrow at school i'm going to a costume design panel "from sketch to screen." designers from phantom thread, beauty and and beast, darkest hour, get out, lady bird and the shape of water will be there.  it will be really cool!

taran will be on a business trip all next week so that will suck.  i really hate when he has to take business trips, we both do.  they aren't any fun for either of us. so if you have any tips for surviving days apart from your other half, let me know!

also, in case you didn't hear.... i finished the first draft of my pilot this week!  its a huge deal! you can't really get a writing job without a pilot, so this is big. i'm not ready to share what its about yet, but soon!

have a great weekend!


  1. How FUN you got to go to Ellen. She is SO fun! I'm not a huge Steph Curry fan- Go Lebron! But his wife and daughter are beautiful, and they are pretty funny. What a cool experience, thanks for sharing!

  2. And yayyyy for having your draft done!

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