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January 14, 2018

one year ago...

i can't believe its been a year since we moved to la!  what a year it has been! it really has been the best year of my life!  when we decided to finally move out here, it was a scary decision.  we didn't know how it was going to play out.  we were lucky enough to have taran transfer offices and keep his job, but i had to find brand new one.  i was already with a few temp agencies but i was still terrified.

i was so depressed my first few weeks in LA.  i was so anxious.  i remember waking up every morning with butterflies in my stomach.  i was absolutely terrified.  i had this huge dream to be a tv writer but i didn't really know where to start.  so i just emailed and contacted all my old contacts from when i did my internship in LA 6 years ago and met with a bunch of people.  one of my old friends who works for WB, recommended a temp agency that staffs for WB.  within a week i got my job at dc comics that i kept for 8 months after several contract renewals. they really did keep me for as long as they could.

but i was still living in my favorite place in the world and had finally moved back to LA! there were moments early on where i had to pinch myself and think "do i really live here?  is this real?"  when we went to utah in october and we flew, it was the first time that we touched down in LA and we were home instead of visiting.  it felt so good. 

getting into the UCLA writing for television professional program was really the best thing that happened since we moved here.  it has been absolutely incredible.  i knew about the program for a long time before we moved to LA and wanted to do it for over a year before we moved to LA, and i couldn't apply until september and we moved here in january.  i really wanted to get into that program!  but when it came time to apply, i got cold feet and thought to myself "what's the point? i'll never get in!" i almost didn't apply, but i knew i would regret it if i didn't.  i had been working hard on aaron sorkin's masterclass and had a good sample piece to submit so by the time i realized i really did want to apply, i only had a week to get my application together.  good thing i had that sample ready! i'd already given it to a few other writers for feedback and felt it was pretty solid.

i have grown leaps and bounds as a writer and as a person with this program.  it has literally changed my life.  some people can teach themselves to write but that isn't me, i need a teacher.   i need someone to guide me, to give me feedback, i need classmates to bounce ideas off.  this is exactly what my program has given me.  my workshop class is a real "writers room" and is such good practice for a writers room on a real show.  i love getting feedback on my work from my teachers and peers.  it is so valuable.  and the lecture class i attend is so valuable as well as that's where i learn the ins and outs of the industry.  my professor has written several books on the industry and he has a new book coming out next month and we get to go to the book party!! yay!

it feels so good to have a place to have settled down.  LA is our roots and we are never leaving.  i can't imagine living anywhere else.  obviously, because where else can i be a tv writer? new york? no thank you.  i don't ever want to live in new york.  i like to visit new york but never want to live there.

its been the happiest year of my life.  we are both thriving here and i am so glad that taran loves LA as much as i do.  i love you, LA.  love you forever.

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  1. Been a full and interesting year and you have learnt so much and come so far


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