Lot 48: FINALLY... my word for the year

February 20, 2018

FINALLY... my word for the year

you know that instead of setting new year's resolutions each year, i pick a word to live by for the year.   last year my word was "confident" and it was the perfect word to have last year.  in 2018, i wanted a word that was stronger and captured the essence of my goals for the year.

i was really frustrated how long it took to get a graphic of my word together.  i had hired a graphic designer who turned out to be terrible.  she did not understand at all what i wanted or what i was going for.  we had words.  it was very frustrating and eventually i just decided to try to make it myself and see how it turned out.  i decided i was okay with how it turned out when i tried my hand at making it and the designers who were actually good charged an extraordinary fee.  so i just went with mine!

i have a lot of goals this year. professional goals.  writing goals.  get hired as a writer on a writing staff.  sell a show to a network.  i thought the word "unstoppable" was a word that fit best with these goals.  because i will reach them and no one can stop me! i think this is the attitude i must have in order to reach  these nearly unattainable goals.

taran also picked a word for the year. taran has his own engineering consulting business and wanted this word to push him to reach goals in his own business.  i was going to hire someone design taran's word but after all the trouble i went through with my print, i just did it myself.  it was really easy because he just had a font he wanted and i got a textured back drop and bam!

i've always thought of myself as a terrible designer, mostly because people have told me i'm a terrible designer, but i think these turned out okay.  i gave taran's word in a frame for valentine's day.  


having a word for a year is so important, i think. keeps you focused and helps you accomplish your goals.  do you have a word for the year? 

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  1. I don't have a word for the year but if I did it would be survive, as I am surviving being in pain and having a tremor that drives me batty at times, well most of the time to be honest


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