Lot 48: the loss of a friend

January 19, 2018

the loss of a friend

i love linkups, i really do. i think they are a lot of fun. i like checking in with you on fridays and giving you a little piece of how my life is going.
This year has not been off to the best start. there have been a lot of very unexpected things come up that have caused a lot of stress, panic attacks, and tears.

one of the things that hit me hard was the loss of our Church’s prophet, President Thomas S. Monson. he has been the leader of the LDS church my entire adult life and to lose him and gain and new prophet has made me feel off balance. it’s hard to adjust to a new leader, President Russell M. Nelson because a prophet is so loved and feels like a friend. it will take time to adjust. to educate a little, our prophets are called of God and are not elected. we have our presidency consisting of the president and his two counselors. then there is the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles, which to explain plainly, they support the presidency, spend a lot of time traveling and ministering over the world and divide the duties of the Church. we always know who the next Prophet will be as it will be the Elder who has the most seniority of the Quorum. the Prophet gets to choose his own counselors by revelation and prayer.

i miss Monson and his cheery optimism and warmth. Church this past sunday was difficult because of the discussion of our new prophet who i am still getting used to and the loss of Monson. i forgot for a moment he was gone and cried on taran’s shoulder, it was really embarassing.
for those of you who are not of my faith, the only thing i can maybe compare it to to help you understand is if a very dedicated Catholic mourned over the loss of the Pope?

enough sadness.

i got this bling back at Christmas and i got the band yesterday! you know that i can't help myself to rings.  i wish the band bent so that it was closer to my ring. oh well im a poser and i know it. i dont care. i have a ring addiction.

have a rockin weekend. i know mine will be!!