Lot 48: january questions

January 17, 2018

january questions

i love the blended blog's questions they do every now and again! i love answering questions! its so fun!  you can click on the picture to get the questions or here.

1. resolutions or no resolutions? i always do one word to live by for the year and thats it.  i don't like doing resolutions because there are too many to keep track of.  also, i think you should improve yourself all year long and not just one month of the year.  you should evaluate yourself constantly and take a look at who you are and what you can improve on year round.

2. love snow or no snow? its a lukewarm situation.  its like  a town i want to visit it but i don't want to live there. i lived in salt lake city 8 years and it snowed a lot every winter.  i didn't really mind it that much but when we went to salt lake city for Christmas and there was snow, i was reminded of how cold it was and how terrible it is! i liked it for a second and then was like "take me back to LA!"

3. name a new place you want to go this year?  we really want to go to paris in the fall but i don't think its going to happen.  probably next year.  but we really really want to go soon.

4. would you rather have a new haircut or a new color? new color.  for some reason, my hair has turned more towards the brown side since i moved here which is so weird.  wouldn't it lighten up with the california sun?  i have been thinking about getting some highlights.

5. name one special thing you want to do for yourself this year?  go on a special girls trip with my best friend.  she is so busy with planning her wedding and pharmacy school it probably won't happen.  she literally has zero free time.

6. least favorite thing about january? here in LA the weather is bipolar.  last week it was 50 degrees for two days, then on saturday it was 83, then yesterday it was 73, now later in the week its supposed to rain.  what? make up your mind!

7. most favorite thing about january? that its a fresh start and that the holidays are over.  don't get me wrong, i love Christmas but its really exhausting.  there is so much pressure to fit in all these activities and if you don't, its like you failed and you're a scrooge.  its a lot of pressure.

8. when do you take down your holiday decorations?  the day after Christmas!  i want that pressure that i've been carrying around off my shoulders as soon as possible!

9. do you diet in january? no.  i have never once made a body related resolution.  my motto is to eat healthy because it feels good, exercise because it feels good, drink water because it feels good and you'll feel good.  and never, ever weigh yourself.

10. what area of the home do you want to organize the most?  the bedroom.  its the room i spend the most time in and if it is really messy then it drives me crazy.

11. favorite winter comfort food. pot pie.  we have boston market (not sponosored) right near our apartment and they have the best comfort food.  when we don't have food in the house because we haven't grocery shopped we always get that.

12. favorite guilty pleasure?  keeping up with the kardashians!  for sure! i am so ashamed to admit that i watch it every week and haven't missed an episode.   well that's a lie.  they are piling up, i am behind this season but usually i never miss an episode.  its just so hilarious.  they are so ridiculous.

answer the questions too and then put the link in the comments!


  1. My decorations come down the first of January, I don't do resolutions can't see the point, I am too lazy to have any follow through.

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  3. I put my Christmas decorations up early this year. (2nd weekend in November) So they came down immediately after we opened presents Christmas Day. I was so over it.


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