Lot 48: its been a long week!

January 12, 2018

its been a long week!

it’s been one heck of a week!! school started up again and i was super stressed about it. i talked about that here and as it got closer and closer i just got more and more worried about it.
but once i went to school and pitched my show to my class and professor and got great feedback, i felt so much better. i feel excited now to create this world and these characters. there is so much imagination and work involved and big pieces and little pieces i have to put together but im so excited now.

i also met with my professor from last quarter to get feedback on my superstore spec and it was so helpful and eye opening. i finally feel closure from last quarter and that i have wrapped up that experience which makes me feel ready to tackle this quarter! I love my writing program so and so blessed im in it. Im learning and growing so much.

taran and i booked two nights at mgm grand in vegas for our four year anniversary! I’m really excited. we are going to see “O” which i have been dying to see for years. we haven’t really celebrated our anniversary since our first so we are both really excited for this little get away. we are getting away on our actual anniversary, on feb 8, which is during the week so we will have a really long weekend together! im looking forward to it not only because it will be fun, but because taran and i are really thriving here which means we are really busy. we havent had a lot of time to just hang out and cuddle and be with each other without school or work or family obligations getting in the way.

im halfway through my temp assigngment at work and i am freaking out whether they will renew my contract or not. will i be employed in february? i can't go back to unemployement! nooooooo!!!!! ahhhh!!! lets just say i am a perpetual mess.

my niecephews are really cute. and i like my family. and after i saw them over the holidays i have found myself missing them more than usual. i mean look at that picture of them above! who wouldnt want to be with those beauties and cuties? we took new family pics over thanksgiving and i love how they turned out!

i especially want to be a good aunt and be there for the babies and its hard being away from them. but MAN do i love my life here.

sorry if this was kind of a negative post. life is filled with exciting challenges lately and i really wouldnt have it any other way! happy friday! i am beyond looking forward to the long weekend. boy oh boy do i need it!