Lot 48: i’m the kind of person who

January 29, 2018

i’m the kind of person who

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loves...... rainy days, advenutures, and

fights.... with companies to get free stuff when they don't meet my satisfaction! it embarasses taran so much. i try not to make a scene but if your credit card machine isnt working all of the sudden in the middle of my transaction, GIVE ME MY CASHEWS FOR FREE for my troubles. its just good business.

dances... with strangers if good music is playing and i find someone who is down to party with me. i really have zero concern if i look like a fool. dancing with strangers in situations where no one else is dancing is LIFE. its one of my favorite things in the world.

corrects.... people when they quote movies or tv if the quote isn't exactly right. i remember quotes exactly and am super annoying and correct someone if they get the quote wrong in any way.

listens..... to eminem when im working out and when im really angry and beach boys, more specifically brian wilson when im writinf and need inspiration.

never.... compromises my morals. i look forward to how this comes into play as i work and in this business we call show. as a devout mormon, i forsee many instances where i will have to stand up for what i believe in.

will always be a...... dancer. even though i had to give it up for heartbreaking reasons, it is in my blood and will always be a large part of my soul.

hates.... summer and LOVES fall.

starts celebrating.... my birthday a week before and starts celebrating Halloween a month before and Christmas on November 1st.

would rather wear.. heels than flats.

quotes.... gilmore girls and jim gaffigan on a daily basis.

prefers.... tv over movies. obviously. #tvwriter

is scared of.... all scary movies and haunted houses and anything that makes me feel like someone is out to get me.

cares deeply about.... the gun issue in America. something has to be done and i am looking forward to getting involved. something broke inside me after the recent kentucky shooting. i look forward to being heavily involved with everytown and fighting to make a change in this country.

obsesses over.... writers. i am THE most annoying person to watch tv with. if im watching a comedy, i have to see who wrote the episode then look them up on imdb and then memorize their entire resume and then hate them that they have written for shows and i havent. then i pick the writing apart and won’t stop talking the entire time.

eats a lot of.... gushers. they are my addicton. i have to have them in the house at all times.

uses a lot of... lip exfoliator. life changing and i use it everyday. i hate peeling lips.

cannot... whistle.

does not... like cheese. it makes eating out so difficult.

acts like a fool... probably all the time but i have no shame.

could eat... lemon cake for all meals for the rest of my life.

has never seen..... E.T. i know! weird right?! i should probably see it at some point.

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