Lot 48: health lifehacks

January 10, 2018

health lifehacks

i'm sure a lot of you have new years resolutions that are health related. go to the gym! lose 20 pounds! drink more water!  while those are all great and i'm totally behind you if that is what you want to do,  there are more simpler, smaller steps you can take to be healthier this year. 

go for a walk. this one is so simple but is so beneficial! whenever i need to clear my head or just get out of the house, taran and i go for a walk.  when we moved to LA it took me a while to try this because i didn't know the neighborhood but once we tried it i fell in love with my neighborhood! that was an added bonus!  as a writer, i need to clear my head a lot, and think a lot, and this is a great way to do it.  i get a lot of writing done on walks.  i came up with the plot of my spec last quarter on a walk.  walks just gets things moving; your legs, blood, and your mind.  its great all around! 

more reading, less binging.  i always say i am going to read more but then i don't.  a trick to make this happen is to equal binging to reading.  so if you binge, you have to read for say, at least an hour.  set a goal for yourself.  it can be "if i watch 3 hours of tv i read for 1 hour" or whatever you want it to be.  when i was a kid, my mom made us read the amount of time equal to the amount of tv we watched.  that lasted for like, one afternoon.   i was a tv addict at such a young age, ha, because have you met me? #tvwriter. but this is still a nice goal for yourself to even things out. 
also, you can read on the elliptical machine or stationary bike at the gym instead of watching tv.  

try fruit for a dessert instead of cake or ice cream.  they both are sugar so your craving can get satisfied by eating fruit instead.  i've tried this many times and it's works!  i try to always have fruit on hand like apples, strawberries, and bananas.  also try to have the sweeter fruit on hand that are more sour to quench those cravings better like mangoes, kiwi, and especially strawberries.  strawberries always do it for me.  its winter so they can get a little more expensive but i think it is always worth it! mangoes might be less expensive but you can play around with it to see what works for you.

get a physical. hims is a company that is dedicated to health for men and encourages all men to get a physical.  and not just men, but this reminds us too, ladies!  i was so shocked when i married taran that he hadn't been to the doctor in forever so that was one of the first wife things i did was make him a dr appointment. getting regular checkups are so important, the graphic below tells you why.

be sure to check out hims site for skin and hair and other products for your man! they really have great stuff that focuses on health.  the company reminds me of "honest" but for men.  i hope i gave you some good ideas for being healthy in this new year without heading to the gym!  there are other ways to be healthy! and don't forget about your mental health! love yourself.  that's the most important thing of all. 


  1. Great tips! I want to be more intentional this year, and that means with social media too. I said if I have time to scroll Instagram for 30 minutes, I definitely have time to read for that amount too!

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