Lot 48: why the holidays stress me out

December 6, 2017

why the holidays stress me out

the holidays stress people out for a lot of different reasons.  lots of people are stressed out because they have a lot of shopping to do, presents to buy, a house to decorate, and parties to go to.  we all want to squeeze in as much holiday fun as possible.  we want to go to as many fun activities as possible and do as many fun things around our cities as possible.  families come into town.  houses need to be cleaned.  you have to cook for your in laws and great aunt myrtle and wash towels and sheets for your guests.

but that isn't why the holidays stress me out.  its the expectations of the holidays that stress me out.  its the expectations of having as much holiday fun as possible from second the clock strikes midnight on halloween.  come november 1 Christmas comes and the holiday festivities begin.  i feel so much pressure to have to go out and see Christmas lights and be with friends and go parties.

what parties?  how do you get invited to these cool parties? these cookie parties, these holiday parties, these white elephant gift parties? how do all you have so many cool friends?  i don't get invited to parties.  which is why this year i decided to throw one.

cute invitation, right?  or not.  i'm a terrible designer.  but the pressure!  you must instagram Christmas lights!  Christmas trees! you and your girlfriends having cookie parties!  i read one blogger that said she had like, five parties to go to this season and i was like, i want your live, gimme gimme.  i have the party i'm throwing, my church Christmas party that i think we are going to skip because we are going to disneyland (my parents Christmas present to us) and a Christmas dinner we're having with my SIL.  i guess that's a few.  

also, because i have been unemployed for two and a half months, we are really poor and can't do anything.  there are all these really cool things i want to do around LA but we can't do them.  its depressing.  and we can't afford to fly to salt lake city for Christmas so we have to drive.  thats depressing.  800 miles and we need to break up the drive by staying in st george but i can't stay at my house.  i already said goodbye so going back would kill me.  its just adding up to not be the best Christmas season.

pretty much i just need to stay off instagram for the remainder of this holiday season because it just makes me feel like a total and complete loser.  really, if i had a job (which also makes me feel like a total and complete loser) and we had money we would be doing the fun holiday festive things i want to do but we don't.  and it makes me angry.  stay off instagram lauren!  delete it from your phone!! 

does the pressure of cramming in as much holiday activities as you can stress you out?


  1. This time of year doesn't stress me out at all, I don't have parties to go to but I do put up some Christmas decorations and I send a shit load of Christmas cards out and I do a lot of Ecards as well but no stress here

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