Lot 48: on being an aunt

December 7, 2017

on being an aunt

on my first date with taran, i talked so much about my nieces and nephews he almost didn't call me for a second date.  i talked about my niecephews so much on that date and asked him about his niecephews a lot.  i asked him what their personalities were like, what cute little things they did, what their habits were.  his response was, "i don't know, they're just cute!"   this was a time when i was teased for talking about my niecephews too much.  i don't know how many i had a the time, i think maybe 4, and i know have 11.  

being an aunt is the best.  you get to snuggle and play with the kids with none of the responsibility.  but the thing is, i do feel a responsibility towards these little humans.  there are things i want to teach them and i want to know them.  i want to know who their friends are, what their favorite fun thing to do is, what they like in school.  eli, the oldest of the niecephews, goes to choir before school.  i didn't know that!  whenever i'm around him i try to talk to him but he doesn't talk to me.  when i talk to him on the phone we have a short conversation and then he passes it to one of his siblings and says "aunt lauren i have to do homework now."   he is so smart and is so dedicated to school.  i'm so proud of him.  but i want to know everything that is going on with all 11 of my sweet babies.  i love them so much.  i want them to know they are enough.  i want them to be confident and be protected and not get bullied at school.  i want to make sure they know their mom's phone number if they get lost and  i want to be sure they know their last names.  

their imaginations are so big and i love my sisters encourage those imaginations.  they are the best moms.  i don't know how they juggle it all because they always have so much going on.  my oldest two sisters just moved into new houses and have so much to do but still are the best moms. when i see something they would like i send it to them, i try to do a video chat call with them every other week or so, i have to see those faces!  i'm the only sister who doesn't live in salt lake city and they half to remember me and remember my face!

i used to get teased for calling my niecephews "my babies" but i don't care anymore; they are my babies.  i love them like they are my own.  i want them to know they are loved and worthwhile and special.  over thanksgiving i saw one of my nephews say something bad about himself and it really upset me.  i didn't think it was my place to say anything but i did.  i told him that i didn't want to hear that kind of talk and that he was very very special and that and he should never forget that.  he is a son of God and has great value and to never forget that.  i told him it makes me sad when he says  those things and i know it makes his mommy and daddy sad when he says those things about himself too. 

its hard for me to draw the line when i discipline the kids.  i don't want to overstep but when i'm helping feed them and when i'm watching them, i do discipline them but i don't always know where the line is.  and because i feel such a heavy responsibility towards them and want to teach them things i feel i need to be taught i have to take a step back and remember i'm not their mother and that isn't my job.  i get to love on them and squeeze them tightly.  but it isn't my job to teach them. but its natural for me to worry about them. i take my role as auntie serious!

are you an aunt?  how do you take on the role?


  1. I would say it absolutely is your role to teach and discipline them! I definitely expect my sister (a fellow mom of three) and my brother (no kids and no plans for kids) to speak up when my kids are disrespectful, rude, or being too rough. It takes a village, and even better when the village is other people who love our kids so deeply!

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