Lot 48: my favorite Christmas movies on Netflix

December 18, 2017

my favorite Christmas movies on Netflix

i love love love silly Christmas movies! its one of my favorite parts of Christmas!  i love to watch them while i put up my Christmas decorations and then at night after a long day of Christmas shopping.  i wanted to share my favorite Christmas movies that you can find on netflix so you can watch them too! i've shared a few of them in the past but i've got a few new ones to share!

this show is cute. its like groundhog day but for Christmas.  the girl is set up on a blind date by her dad on Christmas Eve (who the heck goes on a blind date on Christmas Eve btw?) and she keeps ignoring the people who are being kind to those her.  so she keeps reliving the day 12 times until she gets it right and becomes less of a scrooge.  its a good one. 

this is one of my favorites!!  a girl is an assistant to a interior designer in boston.  one night, she and her girlfriends dress up and wendy, ^^ is dressed as the sugar plum fairy when she runs an errand her boss.  she gets in the elevator of her boss' apartment with an handsome stranger and the elevator drops dramatically! gasp! then the two strangers kiss because what else are you going to do when you're plunging to your death than kiss the handsome stranger in the elevator?  the next day it turns out the guy is her boss' boyfriend and he doesn't recognize her.  the guy is about the propose to the boss but falls in love with our dear wendy instead. its adorable. 

this movie is not as good as the first one but its still cute.  this time the girl works at a fashion company and the guy she kisses in the elevator is her boss' brother! and he does recognize her the next day when she wasn't wearing a Mrs Claus costume and wants to "win her over."  but she will have none of it because of his playboy reputation.  awwww....

dear santa is so cute.  this really rich girl finds this little letter from this girl who sent santa a letter asking for a mother for Christmas.  this girl finds the letter and starts stalking the dad. like we all do in this day and age, haha! she becomes friends with the dad who runs a soup kitchen for the homeless.  she starts helping out at the soup kitchen and oh the cliche happens of a rich girl grows a heart and learns what really matters in the world.  not prada! and wins the mans heart and... well i was going to ruin it for you! 

an engaged woman gets dumped right before thanksgiving and is pressured by her family to bring home her fiance for thanksgiving.  luckily she won two tickets to mexico on the radio and went on a quick hunt to find a man to bring home for thanksgiving, promising the guy tickets to mexico in exchange for help. she hires an actor to be the fiance that dumpted her but you know, they fall in love but the fiance comes back and oh oh oh no what happens!! 

this one is my very favorite because it is just so ridiculous and funny.  like the holiday engagement,  melissa joan hart aka trudie, is supposed to bring home a boyfriend for Christmas but he dumps her the day she is supposed to bring him home.  so naturally, she kidnaps a guy, mario lopez, at the restaurant she is working at and takes him home for Christmas.  its hilarious! he keeps trying to escape but she thinks of everything and manages to keep him there.  they fall i love and i would say sorry for spoiling it for you but, come on, happy endings come with these movies.  i love this one but it isn't on netflix but you can get it on itunes! i'm sorry but i just had to add it! 

this one! this one is about a workaholic woman who is oblivious to the people around her and the people who she hurts.  christina milan, aka sloane, is a PR powerhouse when one of her big celebrity clients, ashley benson, dies close to Christmas.  ashley benson haunts her and shows her how her life isn't as great as she thinks and that she isn't as great a person as she thinks.  and ya know, shows her the true meaning of Christmas and turns her into a better person.  this one isn't on netflix either, i'm sorry, but you can get it on amazon! i'm sorry, i just had to add it! 

i just love silly Christmas movies! also, this year, i got a week free hallmark and lifetime movie pass and have been watching those Christmas movies and saw some cute ones.  like married by Christmas, a Christmas wedding, and a very merry daughter of the bride.  

what cute little holiday movies do you like?? i would love some more recommendations! 


  1. I love the first A Christmas Kiss - because Brendan Fehr (YES! Because have you ever seen Roswell?).

  2. I love Christmas movies some more then others and some are just boring but over all I like to watch them


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