Lot 48: meghan markle and i are besties

December 27, 2017

meghan markle and i are besties

not really, but i told the story i'm about to tell to taylor and she said the story practically means meghan and i are practically besties.  

in 2011, i was living in la for the first time doing two internships at two different production companies.  my professor of my internship program was an alumnus of northwestern and so we went to a northwestern networking/panel event at WGA (writers guild of america west.)  the panel was all almuni of northewestern and there was a writer, an actress and an agent who talked about how they got into the business and gave advice.  the actress was meghan markle.  she had just gotten married  and had just gotten the part on suits.  and i remember thinking how down to earth she was and that she gave off a warm energy.  she was super nice.  

she talked about how she got into the business and that she got the attention of an agent when she did some show and then was asked to put together a demo reel.  she said she didn't 'know how to put together a demo reel and didn't have a lot of time to put it together and managed to find a friend who knew how to put one together.  she talked about how she had starred in a lot of pilots that had never aired which was rough.  

i think i talked to her afterwards but i don't really remember.  i'm like 80% sure that i did.  i do remember being intimidated by her because she was so graceful and impressive.  

so yea, i met meghan markle. nbd.  

are you excited for the royal wedding? remember how i went to the last royal wedding?  


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