Lot 48: #lighttheworld

December 1, 2017


it's december! who is so excited for Christmas!  every year, my church releases a 25 days of service calendar.  its wonderful and i love this calendar to remind me the true meaning of Christmas: to give to others and remember Him. click on the calendar and it will take you to more info about the 25 days and a link to download the calendar. 

i won't be blogging everyday or anything about each little bit of service, but i hope you join me in giving service to those around you!  the first day is to "give freely" without money.  an example is to show someone how much you appreciate them.  that's easy!  that can be done in just a text and can brighten someone's day!  you can also see on my right sidebar of the blog little bits of the #lighttheworld campaign.  

i love this time of year!  merry Christmas! 

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