Lot 48: holiday q&a

December 5, 2017

holiday q&a

after the heavy post yesterday i am excited to answer some fun holiday questions with the blended blog!!

1. Real or Fake Tree? i have never had a real tree, ever!  i think we did when i was a kid but then my dad got pissed that he had to vacuum up the little pine things when they shed so he said "no more!" and we had a fake tree ever since.  we put lights on it and only changed them out every few years.  he hated changing the lights out.  he got my sisters and i these little 4 foot tall trees and we all took them to college when we moved out.  that has been my little Christmas tree every year for the past 9 years but this year we left it out on the patio when we first moved into our apartment and forgot about it.   it rained a lot here in LA in feb and ruined the tree.  so we got this bit 6 foot tree! and its beautiful and i love it!

2. Favorite Christmas Cookie?
my mom makes the BEST sugar cookies from scratch.  i don't know how she does it and i don't have the recipe.  but they are the absolute best and i am going to miss them this year because i'll be with my inlaws.  and the frosting she makes from scratch to put on them! magic!

3. Home on Christmas Morning or Travel?
well, when we lived in salt lake and it was our year to be with our in laws, we were home for Christmas because my in laws lived in salt lake too.  we would be with them on Christmas eve spend the night at our place and go be with them on Christmas morning and then do our own thing the rest of the Christmas vacation.  but when its our year to be with my family, we would travel south to be with my family.  this year we are traveling to salt lake to be with family.  and we are have to drive all the way from la to salt lake which SUCKS so that will be terrible.

4. Clear or Colored Lights?
clear lights are so classy.  i love them but i always end up getting colored lights. the tiny little 3 foot tree in our bedroom is clear lights and i love it.  but the rest of the apartment is covered in colored lights.

5. Send Christmas Cards?
i would love to be and every year i want to but i never do because by the time i realize i should its too late.  i think we did the first year we were married but it was too expensive.  i need to find a cheaper way to do it.

6. Favorite Christmas Present Received?
a puppy! i got my dog max as a Christmas present was i was 7! max, my beloved dog.  he died when i was 14 and he was the best dog you could ever ask for.

7. Favorite Christmas Present Given?
i think the drone i got taran.  he loves that thing. but in california you have to register you drone and we haven't done that yet (although we have been here a year!) so he hasn't flown it.  i gotta say, i am never stumped as to what to get taran for Christmas but this year i really am.  i am really good a giving gifts.  like jack donaghy! but i am totally a loss this year.

8. Stockings or No Stockings?
we don't do stockings in our house but when we get to my family or out in laws they have stockings hung.  there isn't a place to hang stockings in our house.  maybe on tv set.. hm...

9. Christmas PJ's?
on Christmas eve my mom gives us sisters matching Christmas pajamas! my sister was too pregnant that year to match with us haha but i love that tradition!  i have this big onesie pajamas that i got this one thanksgiving when we put all the nicephews in onesies and i got was the only auntie who got a onesie with them! it was my favorite.

10. Favorite Christmas Carol?
i don't have one but when we are together as a family for Christmas we do make songs as chimes!  it is so hilarious because we can never get it right and we just end up laughing hysterically.  its so fun.  when my mom suggests it and brings it out we all groan but we end up having so much fun!

11. Favorite Holiday Tradition?
i think the pajamas.  i love

12. Early Shopper or Last Minute?
more like in between.  i usually do my shopping in the middle of december so some people might call that last minute?

13. Favorite Christmas Movie or Show?
elf or how the grinch stole Christmas!  have to watch both!  and i love watching all the abc family movies and hallmark movies!  those are the best!  i love love watching them!  my very favorite is a Christmas kiss its so so cute and romantic and there's a sequel!  my second favorite is holiday in handcuffs with mario lopeez and melissa jaon hart.  its so silly! when it wasn't on netflix anymore i actually bought it guys!  i'm a weirdo.

14. Favorite Holiday Beverage?
hot chocolate!! give me the peppermint and candy cane coco!! it is my JAM! drink it all month long!

15. Cookies and Milk for Santa?
of course!  i would be a monster if i didn't!  haha!

this was so fun! linking up with the blended blog for this!  your turn!

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  1. awe your sweet puppy and those Christmas pj's....goodness, SO cute! your mom's sugar cookies sound amazing- i want some :)


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