Lot 48: disneyland!

December 20, 2017


all i wanted to Christmas was a trip to disneyland. my parents were kind enough to gift me a ticket to the happiest place on earth for Christmas as my present.  this day was one of my favorite days ever.  the day was pure magic.

the morning started out as a total nightmare, however because we first had to detour to target to get something important and when we got back to disneyland there was nowhere to park.  it was so frustrating because the parking lot was closed by the time we got back and by this time it was 930 but when we first passed disneyland on the way to target it was open.  that half hour it closed! ah! so we were rerouted to the convention center to park and traffic was a mess.  although we live in LA, and have now lived in LA for a year, we had yet to go to disneyland.  and i was running out of patience!  so i called my friend karen who lived in the area to knew everything about disneyland and also was an uber driver and knew all about parking and driving around disneyland and we ended up parking the car at her house and taking a lyft to downtown disney and taking the metrorail into disneyland.  night. mare.

finally on the metro rail! 

we passed the matterhorn on the monorail 

FINALLY in disneyland!

taran loves walt disney! he admires him for his business acume and his creativity.

my prince!

i don't know if you have heard of ridemax but its AWESOME.  you have to pay a fee, but then you plan your day and check all the boxes of the rides you want to ride, when you plan on getting to disneyland, how long you want to stay, how many breaks you want to take, etc.  

it is such magic! you get to do so many more rides than usual if you didn't use the website.  this post isn't sponsored or anything, i just really love this website.  its not an app, oddly enough, but it really is awesome.  we rode some rides twice even.  it was amazing! 

the first thing we did was the haunted mansion!  its my favorite ride in the holidays because it is so decked out for Christmas! 

look!  i'm a mickey shadow! 


i took some pictures on the ride too! they're blurry.

i love the haunted mansion! so cute! 

i love the french quarter!  it is so cute and my favorite area of disneyland! 

the mickey mouse beingets are my very very favorites! 

then we did the tarzan treehouse which i love!  i have always had a soft spot for the treehouse since i fell in love with it as a kid.  

i liked looking down on the people from the treehouse!

then we went on the jungle cruise! i love the jungle cruise! one of my favorites :) 

my all time FAVORITE RIDE is space mountain.  it is the best ride in all of disneyland.  

we did the single rider line and went on the ride twice!! 

see?  its my absolute favorite ride. THE BEST. 

when we did the matterhorn i was strongly reminded of this....

COOL RUNNINGS!!! classic movie! haha! 

TIP!  when you have a fast pass for a ride at disneyland and the ride is closed during the time of your fast pass, you can use it on another ride. so when our fast pass for indiana jones was up, it was closed, so we went to big mountain thunder rail. it was dark so we couldn't take any pictures BUT before we went to disneyland OF COURSE we watched the disneyland episode of modern family. 

THEN we went to indana jones and i lied and said "wellll indiana jones was closed when we had our fast passes so can, we maybe get in the fast pass line??" and they let us in! so we used the fast pass TWICE! haahah! 

we did star tours and it was only a 20 minute wait! 

and then night fell.  and magic happened. 


it's a small world!

more pretty pictures of the castle!! 

we went on finding nemo's submarine voyage where i got very very claustrophobic.  but it was cute. 

look at that tree!! its so cute!! i got some close up pics.

this was truly magical.  they were supposed to do fireworks but announced they weren't going to. i suspected because of the recent fires.  instead, they did snow.  it was beyond magical.  the snow was actually cold and wet! it was real snow! i thought it would be fake! and they projected it so it looked like mainstreet was covered in a giant snowflake! 

trying to catch a snowflake. 

i couldn't resist posting this video for you to show you how truly magical that night was.  i wanted to bottle it up and make it last forever. and take notice of the castle covered in snow! so magical!

and look at mainstreet!  look at all the lights!  so pretty!  i am so grateful i got to go to disneyland during the holidays just like i wanted!  

the entrance to dsineyland, all lit up!

and what is disneyland without the treats? taran got me this. it was a... wait for it..... peppermint chocolate macaroon.  and it was amazing.  i can still taste it and i want to have its babies.  

i loved the little ears i wore all day!  on each roller coaster i took them off, put them in my little bag with the bobby pin that held them on my head and then put them on again!  sounds so silly to be so dedicated to keep my ears on all day but i loved them! and i got them at walgreens during halloween with the hope that my dream to go to disneyland during the holidays would come true!

it was a magical, amazing day that i'll never forget.  i can't wait to go back.  thanks mom for one of the greatest Christmas presents ever! 

you know, i used to be over disneyland when i was in my early twenties but now i'm like DISNEYLAND!! LETS GO AGAIN!!!! 

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