Lot 48: halloween 2017 recap

November 10, 2017

halloween 2017 recap

it is fall but it just starting to feel like it.  it is glorious!

guys, it has been a rough go of late job wise.  it is brutal out here!  i was working for this great radio station and i thought it was going really really well when all of a sudden they decided that they needed to try other people out before they made a decision and it was a "numbers thing." but that is a whole 'nother story that i am not going to get into now.  happy things, yeah?

like halloween!  on hallow's eve i stopped at walgreens on my way home from school and tried on a bunch of these awesome headbands and had way too much fun. halloween is my favorite holiday!

we tagged along to a fun party with my friend whitney.  she saved my halloween because we had no party to go to!! yay whitney! 

 guys, i don't know what i was, okay?  i said i was "HALLOWEEN" meaning i was just a bunch of stuff thrown together that you collect over the years.  OR i was the witch's angel.  i liked the second one better.  other guesses i got a the party was blair waldorf at a garden party if i didn't have the wings.  it is a beautiful dress.

we are usually on top of our costumes but we were so busy in october i wasn't able to enjoy the month properly.  it was such a shame because october is my very favorite month and we were too busy to get costumes together so we just threw something together at the very very last minute.

and isn't that headband fun?  yes, it was one of the ones that i got the night before at walgreens.  taran got a nerd costume at walgreens too.  walgreens is so close to our apartment we just got everything from there.  i also got the bucket because we had so much candy that we gotten from the past few weeks to eat and we had to get rid of it!

i hope you all had a wonderful Halloween! i can't wait until next year

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