Lot 48: grateful

November 20, 2017


i think its important to write down things you are grateful for often, not just every november.  but us bloggers love to make a list and publish it on our blogs this time of year.  i like the tradition.

despite the last post i wrote, i am not having trouble finding things to be grateful for.  God is so good and he has blessed taran and i in abundance.  

during my unemployment, God has blessed taran's consulting business so much.  it has blown up and has been the only thing that has kept us going financially.  without me working, it has been what has kept food on the table and rent paid.  i am so so grateful for my smart, hard working husband who has such unique skills that he can take someone's idea and make a 3D CAD model of it so the client so actually manufacture it.  not a lot of people have the skills he has.  he works so hard at his job and everyone absolutely loves him there and then he works so hard on his consulting business too.  

when my soul was dying because i wasn't working and i couldn't take it anymore, my temp agency got me a job. a small job, but a job.  something that gives me self worth and something to give me hope.  hope is something i am losing these days, and God gives it to me just when i am about to lose it. 

it has almost been a year since we moved to LA and it has been the best year of my life.  a lot of people thought we wouldn't make it two months.  people thought when we moved here in january that we would be back by summer.  i love to prove people wrong! :) we are so happy here.  we are flourishing here.  we are far happier than we ever were in utah.  

i am so grateful for the 8 months i worked at dc comics.  that was such a good job.  its hard to be in the situation i am in now and think about dc comics and remember how good it was and how nice it was and how stable it was.  i was so incredibly lucky they renewed my temp contract so many times.  the odds of that happening were really low, but it happened.  i am so grateful for everything i learned there.  i am so grateful for the experience i got there and what it gives my resume.  i am so greatful for that job and i really miss it.

i am grateful for my struggles. God doesn't give you struggles just because he feels like it.  He gives them because you wants you to learn something.  i was on the phone crying to my dad about being unemployed and he said "i wonder what God wants you to learn from this."  i thought about that a lot and i'm still thinking about that.  i'm baffled that its been 3 months since my contract at dc comics ended and i still don't have a stable job.  i'm smart, i have a ton of good experience, and i still don't have a stable job and i just don't get it.  so what does God want me to learn from this?  something valuable, that's for sure.  whatever it is, i'm grateful for it.  maybe not so grateful for it now, but in the long run i will be.

i'm grateful for my husband.  that's obvious but it needs to be said.  he is the best man i have ever know and the best man i ever will know.  he is patient, he is one the hardest workers i know, he is comforting, he is sweet, so sweet, he is romantic, he is loving, everything he does in life is for me.  to make me happy, to give me things i need and want.  he is selfless, he is sexy, he is supportive, he carries me when i cannot stand.  he is my other half.  there is this thing that happens often between us where i ask him to go do something for he and he gets it wrong and i get annoyed and then i apologize because i truly, honestly and truly, forget that he doesn't share my brain.  truly.  i know,  its weird but i really forget that he doesn't know everything i know and have all information i have in my head.  

i'm grateful for my writing program.  it is the only thing keeping me sane these days.  the program is so, so good and i have grown so much as a writer in just these two short months i've been in the program.  i can't believe how lucky i am to be in the program and learn the things i'm learning from these amazing professors and peers.  i think this is the thing i am most grateful for this year.

there is so much to be grateful for this year.  i am so blessed and thank my Lord for all he has blessed me with.  happy thanksgiving! have a wonderful turkey day with family, friends, or whomever you are celebrating with! 


  1. You are a blessed woman who knows that things could be worse and try to see the silver lining of those grey clouds, well that is the way it seems to me.

    I am grateful that I wake up each day and manage to do things each day despite being in a lot of pain with my leg, because all in all life if good.

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