Lot 48: what's next?

October 11, 2017

what's next?

there is this part in the season 5 finale of veep when selena has to give to the presidency over to her successor and she is walking with her secret service and all these people and she just looks like she is walking to her death.  the death of her soul.  the walk is the last walk where she is surrounded by people that make her look important.  like she matters. its the end of her presidency and she has no idea what to do next.

she schemed and fought and worked so hard to win the election to secure her presidency but she lost. she was so sure she would win, but she was screwed over and she lost.

when the episode ends,  she ends up on a bleacher in a park not far from her successor's inauguration parade.  she hears the inauguration music and for a moment, pretends its for her.  just for a second, pretends that she did win the election and that she is the president.  


its been two weeks and a half weeks since my temp contract ended at dc comics.  i was so sure that i would have a job lined up when my contract ended, but i didn't.  its been two weeks and i still don't have a job.  

i am helping out with a movie and getting great experience, and i am learning a lot. i am really, really lucky that i am on this movie and have the opportunity to help out.  i have been doing a lot of social media promotion because that is my strength and its been going really well.  i've also been assigned assistant to the assistant director.  i'm doing to learn so much on set while we are shooting, i can't wait!

my UCLA program is boss.  it is beyond great.  its really aggressive which i think is really good.  even though its only two night a week, we are expected a lot of.

this quarter we are writing a spec script, which is a script of a show that is already on the air.  writers usually write it as a sample to show what they can do to get hired on a writing staff or to get representation.

i've chosen to write superstore and i'm really excited about it.  today we have to pitch three story ideas for our episode and then the class picks which story i'm going to write for my episode.  so i have to love all the stories i pitch and i've had to come up with a lot of ideas.  in comedy, each episode usually has three story lines, what we call an a, b and c story line.   the a story line is the main focus of the episode, and then the b and c are the other stories that are happening while the a story is happening.  that means i've had to think of 9 solid stories to write in a week.  9 solid stories that i not only could write, but that i would want to write.  i don't want to get stuck writing a storyline that i am not in love with.

its been fun coming up with all these ideas but also stressful.  this is when friends who watch the show too come to the rescue as i've asked them to help me think of ideas that could happen in the show.  i'll let you know what my episode is about in a while.  a long while.

i am so in love with this program and all my professors and everyone around me is creative and just die hard tv fans like me and i feel like i'm dreaming when i'm in class.  on monday when we had our lecture class, i was an hour and a half early.  for someone who is always late to everything, you can understand what that means.  this program is so important to me and i love everything about it.  i am learning so much i'm just completely in love.

this weekend i'm going to utah to see my person bestie patrisha and will be back sunday.  i am looking forward to seeing fall foliage and feeling fall cold air.  la hasn't gotten the memo that its october and it is supposed to be chilly.

it has taken me a while to find my footing after dc comics ended but i think i have now.  things are good.  xoxo.


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