Lot 48: my people

October 31, 2017

my people

a few weeks ago, we flew to utah to see friends and family.  plus, fall in utah is heart eyes emoji.  here in la, it is only just now getting chilly.  we got to utah and it was in the 50s and 60s while back in la it was in the 90s!  

the first order of business was to meet my 9 day old nephew, james.  he was so sweet and so tiny!  i always forget how tiny newborns are!! we were also so excited to see my nieces who loved showing us their new toys and tricks and things they had been learning in school.  it was also my first time seeing my sister rachelle in her new house as she had moved from arizona back to utah in may.  the neighborhood they moved to was one of those storybook neighborhoods where all the kids play together and the families all know each other and the little kids go over to each other's houses and knock on the door and ask "can you play?" its adorable.  i was so happy to see them.  

then we saw my other sister andrea! she is in the home stretch of building a house and i couldn't wait to see it.  it is a gorgeous house and i can already imagine her four boys growing up in it, making memories.  and how squishy is my nephew moses?  i love this picture of us.  doesn't it look like we are posing for a "best buds" picture frame? he is the squishiest! i love him so so much he is the happiest, fattest smiliest baby around.

we hung out with andrea for a while and i was pleased to learn that her older boys have become obsessed with harry potter.  when i tell them about harry potter world (is that what it is really called? i don't know, its what i call it!) at universal and that i go there a few times a month is the only time i have their undivided attention.  i tell them about the rides and then they always ask to see a video of harry potter's forbidden journey ride and they watch the ride on youtube with complete fascination.  that day, i asked if they wanted to take a quiz to be sorted into the hogwartz houses and they just flipped out.  my nephew oliver got hufflepuff and was really sad about it so i gave him "another test" which i just made up and then said "you're griffindor! the first test was just wrong ollie!" and he just jumped up and down as he does when he's excited. 

can we address the picture above?  amiright?

next we had dinner with my friend amy at a CHINESE RESTAURANT.  we haven't had chinese food since we moved to la! and i'll tell you why.  the chinese restaurant up the street from our apartment is called  "ok chinese food."  i couldn't really find a chinese restaurant that didn't have a better name than that so.... i wasn't going to eat at a place that was, you know, just okay.  so when we had dinner with my friend we went to a place that we ate at whenever we had chinese.  it was glorious! 

the next day was the reason we were really there!  i came to utah to see this girl!  my bestie!  my girl!, patrisha!  we had so much fun that weekend and i finally got to meet her boyfriend! we went to gardner village, which in october, is this HUGE Halloween festival! here are some fun pictures of what we did, if you'd like to see...

we used to go to this bakery when we needed a quick date night.  i loved going back.  

i am the last person to suggest nature but there is this gorgeous place that i loved to go hiking with taran at.  but we had time on sunday before our flight so we took patrisha and her boyfriend jake there and it was so pretty! 

we went back to jake's house and played psych and it was really fun!  and i won once! ye-ah! 

i was so sad once the trip was over! and i hated saying goodbye to patrisha, as i always do. hopefully she will come visit me for new years! the only thing i miss about utah is the great people i left there. it was a great trip!


  1. Thank you for making me smile, you and your people are awesome, just saying

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