Lot 48: it's just prom for adults

September 15, 2017

it's just prom for adults

ITS THE EMMYS ON SUNDAY!! the night i look forward to the most all year long!! i am especially excited this year. why? i'm going to keep you in suspense. but here is a teaser.

before this magical weekend began, i had to tell you something.

i have said many times that i will get an emmy even if it kills me. i've talked so many times about how much i love the emmys. i hold shows that have won emmys in high esteem.

but the truth is, the emmys mean nothing.

it's all a popularity contest. do the shows and people honored on sunday mean that the shows and people not honored didn't work as hard as those who were honored? who are not as talented? not necessarily. worked as hard? heck no. it takes SO MUCH WORK to make a tv show. everyone is equal in that. talent? not everyone is equal in that.


there are always going to be shows that are not recognized that should be. shows and people who are recognized that people, including myself think shouldn't be. (cough, alexis bledel, cough.)

it's a popularity contest. people in the academy vote for the friends. they vote for reasons i don't understand. it's prom. kings and queens (outstanding lead actor and actress in comedy and drama series') are chosen. it's popularity. it's politics. what studio has the most nominations. what studio has the most wins. what show has the most noms. what show has the most wins.

it doesn't matter. none of it does. but it is still so freaking fun. i can't wait to see everyone's dresses and see who wins. and this year is going to be the most entertaining because game of thrones didn't qualify and this is us is the first network show to be nominated in over a decade. so the drama category is going to be really really interesting to watch.

i can't wait!!

but years later when i actually get to go, and when i am nominated years later, i have to remember.

it doesn't matter.


  1. This is EXACTLY how I feel about the Oscars.

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