Lot 48: museum of ice cream

July 12, 2017

museum of ice cream

last week we went to magical, magical place.  a place where they literally give you ice cream in every room. the museum of ice cream. this place is so popular i tried to get tickets in may but they were so sold out we had to wait until july! i originally read about this museum from taza when the museum was in nyc and was so excited when i learned it came to LA.

i love posing in front of murals.  there are so many murals in this city and i have yet to go hunt them down and take pictures in front of all of them.  mostly because my photographer (huh- hem, husband) gets very inpatient after about the second photo.

but that didn't stop me from making him pose in front of this adorable pink wall.

this is the wall you see when you enter.  it makes me drool and i want to eat it.  its so pretty.  this place really was a museum.  beautiful artwork of ice cream in each room.

when you enter, you pick up the phone and talk to your ice cream fairy!  the fairy (who is seth rogen, although he says a few times "i am not seth rogen) tells you all kinds of trivia like where ice cream was invented (china!) and things like that.

this room was so cool.  it was hollywood themed but had celebrity stars with ice cream themes.  the walls were so cute.


taran pretended to lift the huge popsicles, without success.

i tried to lick them.

i loved the banana room! they had the best swing!

and the hanging bananas were my favorite part.  i think it was my favorite room.

the gummy bear room was a lot of fun.  they had 90s music playing that everyone knew really well and there was a lot of singing going on. they didn't give you ice cream in this room, but instead gave you gummy bears!

there is just something about 90s britney.  i can't help but shake it.  actually, once that song was over another one played that i knew really well but i can't remember the name of and i started singing to as well.  the employee started signing too and we started dancing and singing together like we were old friends.  pretty sure everyone was staring at us.  i love moments like that.  when strangers are bound together by music and you just start shaking it wildly with a complete stranger in front of other strangers, totally uninhibited.  thats my happy place.  i don't know that guy's name and i will probably never see him again.  but we will always have that moment, that song.  taran was standing as far off to the edge of the room as he could and was as uncomfortable as he could possibly be.  we are so different in that way. but that was some of the most fun i've had in a long long time.

i love that piece of art.  this was the cookie dough room.  it was weird ice cream because it was room temperature. there was no egg in it and it was gravel black.  but it was good.  
and now for the main event....


i know this sounds completely gross but to enjoy it you really have to shut off that part of your brain for a second.  you take off your shoes and dive into a 4 foot deep pool that is completely filled with sprinkles.  and its awesome.

we're so cute

proud to say i only got a single sprinkle in one unfortunate place. 

this was wait for it...... can you guess?? the mint room! 

this ice cream was a trip.  it was chewy on the outside but was just like any other mint chocolate chip you've had on the inside. 

more ice cream art.

oh look!  its me! popping out from behind a rainbow!

i really wanted a picture on this swing but taran was donzo with taking pictures so i made friends with a group of girls who were taking pictures on the same swing and had them take it! this swing was one of my favorite pieces of art of the museum!

these are buttermilk pancakes with really good vanilla ice cream in between! a perfect way to end the night!  i wanted to take pictures of the cool stuff they had at the gift shop but taran was very much done.

i love this city! i love that i get to do cool things like this and that there are amazing events like this all over available to us! it was such a fun night!


  1. This is a place I would love to visit

  2. I had never heard of this museum before. Thanks for sharing your pictures! It's so pretty & girly there, I would love to go!!!!

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