Lot 48: palm springs

June 19, 2017

palm springs

we spent the weekend in palm springs. we stayed at the most amazing resort that we always stay at any time my family visits palm springs, mariotts desert springs villas ii. i always feel like a kardashian whenever i stay there because it is so nice.

my oldest sister and i were the only children able to come partaaaay so i got to play with my sweet new niece vienna and my nephew and two of my other nieces.

we had so much fun. on saturday, we did an activity i had planned where went to the cabazon dinosaurs, (thanks taza for the idea!) and it was such a hit. the kids pined for rocks which they loved. they had their own little bags of gemstones and loved finding them in them in the little river.

they did get a little scared climbing up the t-rex but true to my nephew lincolns form, he thought it was the coolest thing ever once we were done. taran and i werent scared! my brother in law was being hilarious and was not helping his children be calm. he is a doctor and as we climbed was saying things like "oh look thats who the dinosaur last ate!" and as we climbed up its throat he said "lets climb up his esophogus!" we were laughing so hard.
here i am in the gift shop ruling over all the dinos. and my niece too. look at those cheeks! #ballers
the resort has this amazing pool that we spent nearly the entire time at. the kids loved to be on the edge and then jump into our arms. they would squeal and laugh and it made my heart oh so happy. it showed how trusting they are of us and how safe they feel with us.
and dont even get me started on how obsessed my nieces are with taran. they are in love with him. ❤️ if he went to the other end of the pool, they would ask where he was or my little 2 year old capri would say "taran!" in her little adorable voice. i love how vocal she is getting.
we ended the weekend with steak and ice cream cake for fathers day. social media is alaays overloaded with everyone proclaiming their love for their fathers that day that i feel its pointless for me to yell from the rooftops how great my dad is because everyone else is yelling so youdly voice gets lost. but i love my dad. hes my best friend and i couldnt be luckier to have grown up with such a man as my teacher, protector and father.
hope you all had a great weekend as well!


  1. Such happy faces of people who look like they are having fun and have to say ice cream cake is yummy

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