Lot 48: june goals

June 13, 2017

june goals

i am more stressed than i have ever been with the exception of being a dispatcher. i constantly feel like two elephants are sitting on my chest. i feel inadequate, lost, uneducacated and completely overwhelemd as a writer.

i spend all my free time meeting new people, learning as much as i can and writing. lately its been reading more than writing. reading books on writing and readjng scripts really helps me to understand what works and what doesnt work in a scipt. and that is just the surface of what i do to work hard to be a better writer and to break into this business.

i usually dont do goal posts but i have a lot of goals i have set for myself and need to write them down so i actually do them!

there is so much to do, so much to learn, i a so overwhelmed. hopefully writing small goals instead of looking at the mountain of work i need to do will make this easier and less stressful.

1. find a study group for my aaron sorkin class. this is proving to be nearly impossible. the thing with this is that everyone is on different lessons in the class because its online. plus, people live in different places of the world so that makes it difficult as well.

2. finish aristotle's poetics. this is a book that lays out basic foundation of plot. its really really thin and is verg essential to understanding the basics of plot. its bery helpful.

3. get to lesson 25 in aaron sorkins class. i am not going as fast as i want through the lessons and writing this doen will help ke speed it up.

4. find a writing partner to write scenes with me per writing assignments. i am on my way to this a little bit as ive been talking to several people about writing with me although they dont really seem interested they seem open to the idea.

5. go to a writers networking event. i did this and got 11 contacts! it was so great and i have been working those contacts since and it has been great!

6. write the two scenes a week challenge for both shonda rhimes class and aaron sorkins class. this will be fun and help get my wheels turning.

7. finish those scripts my producer friend gave me. this should actually be first on the list. read and read and read scripts. im learning so much by reading.

i know this post should have been done earlier in the month but hey im busy so im writing this goal list two weeks in.

what are your goals this month?

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